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Ken Paves Created Nelly Furtado's Big Bang Ponytailed Hairstyle At AMAs

Nelly Furtado, one of my all time favorites, appeared onstage last night (November 22, 2009) at the American Music Awards (AMAs).   She sang with Timbaland and was a breath of musical fresh air.

Don't get me wrong, I love Timbaland but when push comes to shove, I would crank up the Nelly Furtado and turn down the Timbaland.

(Image of Nelly Furtado performing at American Music Awards on ABC - - All Rights Reserved- ABC/CRAIG SJODIN).

Not only does Nelly have a great voice and presence, last night she looked amazing with her signature gleaming raven black tresses coiffed into big bangs with a sexy high ponytail.

Her hairstyles was coiffed by Hollywood Mane Man Ken Paves who tweeted that  he had "just finished working w Nelly Furtado for amazing performance w Timbaland @ American Music Awards! Song is killin' it!"

Note: To see all the articles about Ken Paves visit:  Ken Paves Celebrity Hairstylist

What did Nelly think about her hairstyle?  She tweeted "Just hanging in my dressing room deciding on big fluffy ponytail or straight long one. Hahahaha funny job I have lol"

Which confirms my suspicions she was going with an add-on pony.

Nelly's big bangs and ponytail not only showcased her stunning cheekbones, eyes and lips, the hairstyle worked in perfect harmony with her short sassy black dress. Nelly was rocking a futuristic style with one her one shoulder dress, which showed off her smokin hot body.

Nelly tweeted that her dress was "My dress is short and black with rhinstones and one shoulder.... Its very comfortable"

(Image of Nelly Furtado performing at American Music Awards on ABC with Timbaland - - ABC/CRAIG SJODIN - All Rights Reserved).

Her hairstyle worked perfectly with a set of stunning tassle style dangle earring which are very hot right now.  In fact, tassles are the latest accessories on just about everything from earrings to gowns.

Did Ken Paves just his own famous clip-in bangs and clip-on ponytail to give Nelly polish?  I am guessing he did.  Especially after reading Nelly's tweets.  She thanked Ken Paves in one Tweet by saying "Hey yall! Tks 4 helping choose my hair-do-2nite Ken P. and I couldn't decide :) show was fun thanks 4 the support!!!!!!! Xo 2morrow- CONAN!"

Why? If you look at recent photos of Nelly from September and October of 2009 her signature shoulder-length black hair is pulled back and off her forehead which means she probably was not willing to invest into a new set of full forehead bangs and then deal with them growing out.

Ken is a whiz at popping fringes and instant bangs onto his celebs.  How do I know?  I watched him do it repeatedly at a class at his West Hollywood salon back in April of 2009.

I also watched him pop bangs onto a range of models who were part of a special HairDo shoot along with Jessica Simpson who he partners with for his line.

I would also guess Ken used his magical Healthy Hair Shine Serum and Healthy Hair hairsprays to add that amazing shimmer to Nelly's hair.  He may have also added amazing depth to her raven black strands with his signature color drops in black.

(Image of Nelly Furtado without bangs - September 2009 - ALMA Awards - - All Rights Reserved)

Yes, I would bet Ken popped on one of his clip-in fringes and then added a wrap ponytail positioning it high on Nelly's head for maximum swing, which she definitely had going for her in the performance.

My only regret about Nelly?  She didn't perform longer.

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