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Eric Dane

Eric Dane is one of the Dr. Hotties on TV's Grey's Anatomy.  He is also famous for his hairstyle which is considered uber sexy and distinguished.

Eric, who is married to naturally curly tressed star Rebecca Gayheart, recently stopped by to see Ellen DeGeneres and talk about the new season on Grey's Anatomy.

Looking definitely steamy in a fashionable suit with a rich blue suit, Eric dished about his grey hair.

He congratulated Ellen on her "recent nuptials" and told the talk show hostess "I'm having a great time" when discussing how great being married is.

Ellen asked Eric if he was "one of those guys that grew into his looks or was he always handsome?"  She asked him if it was "a shock to him that women find him so handsome." 

Eric replied "I’m not used to it (being considered so handsome)".  He also explained "I was a fairly awkward kid which is not to say that I’m not still awkward". Eric said "when I was a kid I was a little bit awkward”.

Ellen took the opportunity to show an image of Eric at a Prom style event from the 1980s and told him he looked a little bit like Opie.  Eric laughed and said "as indicated by the photo, paisley was in in 1986."

Eric Dane

Ellen asked now that Eric is so popular with his work on Grey's, what is the strangest rumor he has had about himself.  Eric laughed and replied "the strangest rumor is that the hair department at Grey's Anatomy goes to great effort to make sure that the gray is added to my hair gradually and naturally."

Eric thinks the rumor about his hair "is weird" because "I don't think anyone goes out of their way to put grey into their hair."  Why would anyone do that.

Ellen assured Eric that his grey hair "looked good".  She asked how old he was when he started going gray.  Dr. McSteamy said he started "going gray at age 26".   Ellen asked if going gray at that age freaked him out.

Erid said "he didn’t mind because it was only a couple" of gray hairs.  But now "he’s starring down the barrel of pretty grey”.  Ellen told him that if her hair would look as good with grey as his she would start adding grey.  In fact, she said "I would start adding grey now". And I would "add a huge streak in the front".

Besides discussing his grey hair Eric shared about the dog he recently found on Larchmont (in California) at a sidewalk pet rescue event.  He walked up to the little dog and it had stitches in his legs, was hobbling around and had a huge collar and was hobbling around.

Eric shared that somebody "threw the dog out of a moving car."  Eric took the dog home because he was "super cute" and at the very least "he would nurse the dog back to health".

His wife Rebecca fell in love with the dog she named Nelly, so they adopted her.  Because she was skittish at first they called her "Nervous Nelly".  As a result of her injuries they couldn't bathe her so they "called her Smelly Nelly".   Now that she is all over the place, they call her "Whoa Nelly".

As Eric explained it, adopting the dog has become "The Evolution of Nelly".

To check out more images of Eric visit his Hairstyles Gallery. To talk about Eric and his hair visit the HairTalk Form.

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