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Ken Paves Coiffed Lady Ga Ga's Hair On Dancing With Stars Finale

Did you catch Lady Ga Ga on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) last night on the Finale Show?  In my opinion, her two eye popping performances were the absolute high point of the entire evening.

(Image of Lady Ga Ga on ABC Dancing With The Stars Finale Show - 5/19/09 - - All Rights Reserved - Hair by Ken Paves).

I was waiting anxiously to see Ga Ga because I knew since my recent visit in Los Angeles that my dear friend and Hairdressing Guru, Ken Paves was going to be doing Lady Ga Ga's hair for the DWTS finale.

Sure enough, the multi-platinum performer opened the show with her now-famous Just Dance single from her Multi-Platinum CD.

Later in the finale show she did a second performance which was as brilliant as the first.  Yes, I am a huge fan of this gorgeous star.

Ken Paves Custom Created Hairstyles For Lady Ga Ga On DWTS

Even better, Ken Paves created the stunningly brilliant hairstyle for Ga Ga.  I have watched Ken work on many celebrities over the years and this amazing hairdresser is always focused on discovering the true essence of the artist he is coiffing and highlighting it with their hair style.

What did Ken have to say about working with the amazing Lady Ga Ga?  Ken said Lady Ga Ga "is amazing and inspiring, a true artist in every sense of the word!!!!"

(Image of Lady Ga Ga on ABC Dancing With The Stars Finale Show - 5/19/09 - - All Rights Reserved - Hair by Ken Paves).

What did Ken have to say about doing the platinum blonde beauty's tresses for DWTS?   Ken told me "we created two looks, the first one (for the opening number) was a lavender mullet based on an old Vidal Sassoon cut called 'The Veil'.  The other look had a glamorous Judy Jetson vibe."

Lady Ga Ga Veil Hairstyle - Lavender Mullet

When Lady Ga Ga strutted and danced her way down the famous Dancing With The Stars stairway I had absolute chills up and down my body.

Never mind that I adore her and play her CD when I need a mood lift, but there she was performing on one of my favorite TV shows with her hair coiffed by my all time favorite hairdresser. Does it get any better than that?  I think not.

(Image of Lady Ga Ga on ABC Dancing With The Stars Finale Show - 5/19/09 - - All Rights Reserved - Hair by Ken Paves).

Having Lady Ga Ga open the Dancing With The Stars finale was brilliant.  It amped the excitement level sky high.  Kudos to the producers.

Ken graciously provided the details of Ga Ga's stunning Veil hairstyle.  Ken said "for The Veil I added extensions that I dyed lavender and flat ironed to her already flat ironed hair! She loved it and I think it looked SICK in the performance!"

Ken said about Ga Ga "she is beyond genius and it was amazing to work with such an original artist and to step out of my own box!!!"

Judy Jetson Hairstyle For Lady Ga Ga

Ken explained how he created this amazing hairstyle Lady Ga Ga wore for her second performance of the night.  About 1 hour and 40 minutes into the show the gorgeous and mega talented performed did her 'Love Game' song.

She was wearing a stunning sequined body suit in a dark fuchsia hue with stunning space age inspired sleeves.  She had on stunning black stilettos and her make-up was softer.

(Image of Lady Ga Ga on ABC Dancing With The Stars Finale Show - 5/19/09 - - All Rights Reserved - Hair by Ken Paves).

Ken said "for the glamorous Judy Jetson, I used Ken Paves Healthy Hair Volumizing Spray to create texture and then used a 1" curling iron for the curls on the one side and then a flat iron for the exaggerated flip on the other side."

Ken continued "I held it in place with Ken Paves Healthy Hair hairspray. I think she looked genius, retro and mod, glamorous yet cool as hell! She is genius!"

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