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Lady Ga Ga Hair Continues To Evolve

Lady Ga Ga is known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.  She was born March 28, 1986.  The gorgeous star who performs under the stage name Lady Ga Ga or sometimes Lady Gaga.

Ga Ga is famous for her white platinum blonde hair color and her spectacular hairstyles.

(Image of Lady Ga Ga appearing live on American Idol on Wednesday, April 1 (8:00-9:00 PM ET / PT) on FOX. Photo Credit: Michael Becker / FOX)

She is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She began her career as a songwriter for established artists, including Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and New Kids on the Block, as well as American singer and producer Akon.

After Akon recognized that Lady Ga Ga also had vocal talent, he signed her to a joint deal with his own label, Kon Live Distribution, and then she started to work on her own new material for her debut album.

Ga Ga released her debut album The Fame in 2008, which she explained was "about how anyone can feel famous".

To date, the album has spawned the international number one hit singles "Just Dance" (nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 51st Grammy Awards) and "Poker Face".  She is known for the Pop and Electronic genres.

Lady Ga Ga has been influenced by glam rockers such as David Bowie and Queen as well as pop singers like Michael Jackson and Madonna.

(Image of Lady Ga Ga Album Cover from The Fame - Lady Ga Ga - All Rights Reserved).

Her fame is exploding and she has been appearing on several significant TV shows including American Idol on the April 1, 2009 show the Dancing With The Stars Finale on May 19th and a recent appearance on the always popular Ellen Degeneres Show on May 13, 2009.

Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

As her career sizzles her hairstyles continue to evolve and change.

For her recent May 2009 appearances on Ellen and Dancing With The Stars the stunning platinum blonde was coiffed by Hollywood Hair Guru Ken Paves who has worked with some of the most beautiful, glamourous and successful stars in the entertainment industry.

Ken Paves is highly sought after and is truly a hair wizard. Working with Ken Paves signals that Lady Ga Ga has truly hit the big time and the only direction her career will go from here, is up, up and up.

(Image of Ellen Degeneres and Lady Ga Ga showing off their joint poker faces on the May 13th performance of Lady Ga Ga on Ellen's show.  Ga Ga's hairstyle was created by Hair Guru Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved).

Pay close attention to Ga Ga's hair since Ken has a true genius at finding the true beauty in all of his clients and bringing it out in their hair in amazing ways.

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