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Camilla Belle's Hair: Steal Her Gorgeous Hairstyles


Actress Camilla Bella (Camilla Belle Routh) is grabbing lots of headlines lately. Playing Evolet, the true love of Steven Strait in the sizzling Roland Emmerich's epic, 10,000 BC, she is also making waves on the March 2008 cover of Tatler.

Camilla recently caused a media buzz by appearing on the March 2008 cover of Tatler Magazine in the exact same Dolce & Gabbana dress worn by actress Jessica Alba on the March 2008 cover of Marie Claire Magazine.

Even more interesting, both Marie Claire and Tatler only featured the top of the gown on their respective celebrity brunette models.

The gown in question was sashayed down the fashion runways in September of 2007 by model Sasha Pivovarova.

The only key difference? Camilla has a full set of bangs with a side pony and Jessica Alba has her styled up and off her face. Of course the other difference? Jessica is pregnant and Camilla isn't, or at least we haven't heard any rumors.

Besides her rise in the acting world with starring film roles, Camilla made more fashion news when she adopted the latest mini dress fashion trend.

Camilla was spotted wearing a sassy mini dress to the Madonna and Gucci Malawi Benefit in New York. Being young with long legs and the right 'tude, Camilla gave the other mini skirt wearing celebs a run for their money.

Of course we should also mention that Camilla Belle's best friend is tennis star Maria Sharapova.

Who is Camilla Belle? Although not well known to the masses, her star is rising quickly. One of her most notable early roles was as a younger version of Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic.

Camilla Belle Routh is known for her very pronounced dark eyebrows which telegraph her emotions.

Being one part Brazilian (Mother) and American (Father) the 21 year old actress and performer (born 1986)has blessed her with a dark mysterious type of beauty.

Camilla morphs through a series of different looks and has rich glossy chocolate brown hair which she wears in a variety of styles.

Known by her friends as "Belle" she attracts dark roles even though she has been quoted as saying "I'm not a dark person at all, so those roles are the most challenging. I don't think I'm necessarily drawn to dark things. It just seems to work out that way."

More About Camilla

Camilla's acting abilities are a hotly debated topic. Some fans believe she is very underrated as an actress and performer. Others think she is overrated and valued for her beauty rather than her success in films.

Is acting Camilla's first choice for a career? According to a note on, the actress is an aspiring classical pianist.

Steal Camilla Belle's Hairstyle: Step By Step Instructions

In my research on Camilla's history of hair, she appears to prefer a range of hairstyles ranging from short in 2003 and 2004 to cascading to the top of her collarbone in 2005. By 2007 her hair had grown even longer, cascading a few inches below her lovely shoulders.

Camilla appears to have medium to fine hair that appears to be mostly straight with a slight hint of wave.

The young actress looks gorgeous with her hair worn down in a sleek style or up in a variety of twists and buns. Whether she wears her hair completely pulled up and off her face or worn with a forehead fringe, her dark eyes framed by thick brows take center stage.

Follow the steps below to re-create all of Camilla Belle's hairstyles shown in this article.

The first step is to whip up long straight strands with a little bit of movement and bend which Camilla wore to the 2007 ESPY Awards (see image at the very top of this article).

1. Shampoo your hair with a product designed to address your hair's type, texture and current condition. Only one sudsing is necessary. Be sure to rinse really well. If tresses are fine or thin, consider using a volumizing product to pump up fullness. Or you may wish to use a volume enhancing root lift in combo with a volumizing shampoo.

2. Towel dry and then apply a leave-in hair conditioner that will also protect your hair against blow drying and to give hair some weight and manageability unless your hair is fine or thin or flattens easily. If this is the case, use a volumizing mousse product.

3. Use a hair pick or wide toothed comb to carefully detangle your hair. Always remember to start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Take your time so you don't snag or break your hair.

4. Use a small to medium round boar's bristle brush to create fullness and movement. Blow dry hair in sections using the round brush in conjunction with the dryer. If your hair is naturally wavy you may want to consider using a good temporary straightening balm. Right before blow drying, apply a good volumizing root lift or similar product at the roots of the hair to add volume if you want a fuller look at the roots.

5. When your hair is completely dry, use a boar's bristle paddle or flat styling brush to arrange.

Option #1 - Long & Lush Hair With Hint Of Curls & Waves Along Ends

Once you have completed Steps #1 - #5 above complete the follow additional steps to add curls and waves along the edges of your long and lush hairstyle:

1. Separate hair into 2 or 2 1/2" sections. Work on only one section at a time. Clip unused sections of hair out of the way. 2. Set each section on a large hot roller. You may use a setting spray or hairspray as an option. 3. Allow curlers to cool completely. 4. Remove curlers one by one and spray with hairspray. 5. Then roll with fingers and pin back into place with bobby pins. 6. Right before leaving the house unpin each section and use fingers to gently tousle for loose curls and waves. 7. Spray well with hairspray. 8. Add shine products for added sparkle.

Add a gorgeous hair accessory such as a headband and/or flower if desired.

Option #2 - Soft Chignon Bun

Once you have completed Steps #1 - #5 above complete the follow additional steps to create a gorgeous soft bun.

  1. Brush hair up and off your forehead. If you prefer to wear a fringe, it is optional.

  2. Use brush and fingers and direct hair towards the back of the head. You may wish to spray newly washed hair well with a firm holding hairspray to make sure that hair is stiff enough to hold.

  3. Pull all hair in back towards the bottom of the neck area. Form a ponytail without adding an elastic.

  4. Hold base of ponytail in place with one hand and then use other hand to wrap the tail of the pony hair up and over the base. Wrap until all hair is formed into a loose coil.

  5. Use bobby pins and anchor the bun to the back of the head.

  6. Spray with hairspray to hold.

  7. Apply a few drops of shine drops, spray or similar into the palms of your hands. Rub together. Lightly brush over the top of the hair and over the bun. Instant shine will be yours.

Option #3 - High Off The Crown Bun

Once you have completed Steps #1 - #5 above complete the follow additional steps to add curls and waves along the edges of your long and lush hairstyle:

1. Create desired part. 2. Brush hair back towards the crown. 3. Bend over at the waist. Pull hair into a top ponytail allowing fringe hair to remain loose around the face. 4. Attach a "hair friendly" pony elastic to the top pony. 5. Take one piece of the newly formed pony and wrap around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic. 6. Take the rest of the "tail" section and wrap up and around the base to form a loop or bun design. 7. Pin well with bobby pins the same color as your hair. 8. Spray well with a firm hold hairspray. 9. Attach desired hair accessories.

Use a curling iron to add slight fullness and movement to front fringe or pull out a few tendrils of hair along the sides for a romantic look.

Additional Hairstyling Options

The beauty of Camilla's style is that it is so flexible. If you wish to copy her hair but prefer other options besides Options 1-3, you can consider adding accent braids to one side.

You may also wish to pull all hair back into a low ponytail and add one braid. Optionally you may take a shortcut by pinning hair up and adding a Jessica Simpson Hairdo which can instantly transform long hair into a medium length bob or curly do. The clip-in extensions are available in a wide range of colors, textures, lengths in either synthetic or human hair.

The possibilities are endless if you use your imagination and have fun with your hair.


Camilla Belle is an up and coming actress who has made a splash in a number of movies. She was nominated for awards as the younger version of Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic.

Although she is famous for her very distinctive dark eyebrows and her Brazilian heritage, she is also becoming known for her gorgeous dark hair and appearing in some eye popping fashions.

Camilla is well on her way to following in the footsteps of her Practical Magic older self.

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