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Emily Gimmel Suffers Hair Trauma On Southern Belles: Louisville

After hearing all the buzz about Soapnet's new reality TV show - Southern Belles:  Louisville, I decided to set my DVR and get caught up over the long July 4th weekend during the special Red White and Blue Marathon.

The first episode, which is a rebroadcast from the premiere show, introduces each of the individual Belles and provides a snapshot of their past and their present lives.

Emily Gimmel immediately caught my interest because in the promos her hair is long and wavy but in the first episode she is wearing a chin length buttery blonde stick straight bob with side-swept bangs.

Her hair immediately caught my eye.  What was up with her tresses anyway?

Note: To read Emily Gimmel go to: Emily Gimmel

Her dad started out in the opening segment showcasing Emily and her family by saying "do you realize that almost everything you get upset about is the result of a decision you made?"

Emily was amazed and answered "did you really just say that?"  He continued "you still do goofball stuff a lot."

As it turns out Emily, according to her very conservative "blue blood" father, is suffering from hair trauma because she is "always screwing around with" her hair.

(Image of L-R, Hadley, Emily with her hair cut in chin length blond bob, Kellie and Shea - Southern Belles"  Louisville - All Rights Reserved).

He said you're always "cutting it, coloring it, putting extensions on it, taking extensions out of it...I mean."

Emily interrupted and said in response "sorry I don't get the same hair style for forty years."  Emily's dad, who has a gorgeous full head of silver gray hair said "well who's going through hair trauma?  Not me."

Emily then accused her father of "giving her such a hard time" and he said he wasn't giving her a hard time but was "just asking questions".

Ironically, during the first episode four of the Belles meet for Sunday brunch at the Audubon Country Club Emily was wearing her hair which again looked more platinum then buttery blonde, long and lush with waves and a beautiful white flower hair accessory over one ear.

(Image of L-R, Emily, Shea, Hadley, Julie and Kellie - Southern Belles: Louisville - All Rights Reserved).

Shea leaned over and touched Emily's hair and said "do you have extensions in?"  Emily said "sssshhh, yes I have extensions in" and then said "here's the thing, my hair's like my biggest thing for me."  Hadley said to Emily's hair extension admission "do you really?"

Shea commented to the camera "it's not exactly my taste to wear fake eyelashes and hair extensions to Brunch but to each their own."  Meeeooowwww.

Emily continued her comments about her hair by saying "I think when you want to change something about yourself hair's the first thing you do.  When it's long I want it short, when it's blonde I want it dark, when it's dark I want it blonde, I see all these top reporters on TV and stuff and I always wonder.....what I could look like if I had some professional tell me what to, my best cut, the best color..."

Shea again said to the side "if we never talk about fake eyelashes and hair extensions again - I will be a better person because right now I feel like my brain might be dead."

Emily explained her dad "is very simple" and he "could buy a really nice car, a $100,000 car,  if he wanted to" but he "chooses not to."  Again, in an ironic twist, at The Brunch the Belles were discussing a charity event with a silent auction.  Emily told the other Belles she would be auctioning off a cruise on her father's yacht.

It seems Emily's dad owns a very successful manufacturing plant and would like to have his daughter join the company but instead she wants to make her own way into the world of TV.    Emily said her dad "always eggs her own to come join the team for his company" but most people who "know me around town" know me as the "media mogul in training."

Quite simply Emily wants to make a name "for herself and follow her own dreams and have my own success."

At the end of her initial segment Emily is shown with her hair colored a white white platinum blonde styled into a full bob telling the camera her mom and dad are happy living a "cookier cutter life" but that's not how she wants to live her life.

I think Emily is going to be great to watch from the viewpoint of her search for independence and the many hairstyles she will probably show off during the course of the show.  She obviously does suffer from her own brand of hair trauma.

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