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Kellie's Gorgeous Natural Curls on Southern Belles: Louisville

After hearing a lot of buzz about Soapnet's new reality TV show, Soapnet's I made the committment to get caught up on all the episodes.

(Image of Kellie from SoapNet - Southern Belles:  Louisville - All Rights Reserved).

Luckily SoapNet had a Red, White and Blue marathon over the July 4th weekend.  If you haven't watched Southern Belles:  Louisville but love reality shows like the various Bravo Housewife shows, you will probably love Southern Belles.  Some reviewers have likened Southern Belles to a reality version of Sex And The City.

I'm not sure if I agree with the comparison but there are some hints of SATC in Southern Belles.

Trying to figure which Belle is Carrie versus Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte is still percolating in my brain.  Not to mention the fact there are five Belles verus four girls from SATC.

Right now I am focusing on the hair of each of the five Belles.  In a previous blog I discussed Emily's hair obsessions.  By far Emily talks about her hair more than all of the other Belles put together.

Kellie doesn't discuss her hair at all.  At least not in any of the episodes I have seen and I am now caught up on all of them from the first season.

I have to say I really love Kellie's hair because it is naturally curly and Kellie has learned how to wear her curls magnificently.  The twice divorced Belle who has suffered through two divorces before the age of 32, a heart breaking miscarriage, drug and eating abuses and co-dependency issues is trying hard to get her life together.

Kellie has rich butter blonde hair and she honors her true curly texture.  Although she wears her hair naturally curly, she often pulls it up into an array of very edgy and cute twists, buns and messy knots.  She wears cute elastic headbands which secure her curls from her face.

When she did a TV commerical to promote her new business - Dating Sucks - she wore her below the shoulder curls down in beautiful ringlets and she looked amazing.  Although she hated the commerical - she was so cute and funny.  If I wasn't attached I would definitely give her dating service a try since she comes across so warm, caring and loving.

Of all the Belles I would want to hang out with Kellie the most.  Yes Kellie has had some rough life patches but she is obviously working hard to get herself together, grow a business and learn from past mistakes.  She is also dealing with a long distance relationship and her desire to have a child before she is too old.

Even if I didn't love Kellie's beautiful natural curls, I would really enjoy watching her because I admire her courage and determination.  She seems the most grounded of the five Belles other than Julie who is also lovely.

While I'm not addicted to the Belles like I was Sex And The City, the show is definitely growing on me.  I applaud SoapNet for stepping outside of their normal programming history and offering this interesting peek into Louisville, Kentucky.

I also applaud Kellie for sharing her life, personal challenges and her gorgeous hair which she never wears straightened or altered from her stunning natural texture.  The fact that she obviously loves her hair makes her even more of a class act.

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