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Camilla Belle Hair Pics

Actress Camilla Belle (Routh) has been capturing lots of press buzz lately due to her supposedly (not confirmed) hot couplings with Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson and Joe Jonas who reportedly broke up with Taylor Swift in order to date Camilla.

(Image of Camilla Belle - 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Awards Gala - 10-27-08 - Copyright - All Rights Reserved).

The onetime model and budding "It Girl" has a sizzling acting and modeling career that includes being the "face" Vera Wang's very popular Princess perfume as well as being admired for her dark beauty and thick "signature" eyebrows.

Recently Camilla has been creating even more buzz about her hair, make-up and fashion trends on the Red Carpet.

The December 22, 2008 issue of People Magazine showed a picture of Camilla in October of 2008  (same as the one pictured above to the left) wearing a 40s style red lipstick.

People Magazine interviewed her makeup artist Sammy Mourabit who revealed that "Belle's dramatic - yet not overly shiny - red lipstick is as "modern way to recreate the 40s".

(Image of Camilla Belle - at Los Angeles Premiere of 'Twilight' - November 17, 2008 - - all rights reserved).

Ironically, even though Camilla won lots of attention for her October 2008 red lips, she showed up at the Twilight Premiere on November 17th with pink lips and a completely different hairstyle.  Which indicates that Camilla is working hard to keep her look fresh and interesting.

What People didn't cover about the October appearance was Camilla's hair style that she wore in combination with the sexy rich red lipstick.

For her appearance at the 12 Annual Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Awards Gala the lovely actress wore her smokey black opal hued hair in a shoulder-skimming thick bob hairstyle which appeared to be cut all in one length.

Camilla's hair was styled from a deep side part which directed a section of hair across her forehead and wore side-swept with the ends of the section softly tucked behind one ear.  Her hair was straight and appeared to have been loosely curled around the edges to create a turned under look.

(Image of Camilla Belle - at 10,000 B.C. Los Angele Premiere - March 5, 2008 - - all rights reserved).

Almost like an old fashioned pageboy hairstyle that would have been popular in Hollywood in the 40s which was in keeping with her rich red lipstick.

Not everyone can carry off either the hairstyle or the red lipstick that Camilla rocked with ease.

Camilla's hair is actually worn must shorter now than earlier in 2008.  At the 10,000 B.C. Los Angeles Premiere which occurred in March of 2008 the dark beauty wore her hair much longer with thick all-one-length bangs which extended across her entire forehead giving the illusion of a shiny black veil.

If the last year is any indication of Camilla's different hairstyles and Red Carpet 'lips" then 2009 shows lots of promise of Camilla continuing to evolve her hair and appearances.  Stay tuned.

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