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Shear Genius 3 - Janine Jarmon Punk To Polished Makeover Plus Sea Nymph Creation - First Episode

Janine Jarmon had an interesting first episode on Bravo's Shear Genius.

(Image to the left is the Before Image of Janine's Punk To Polished Model and the right is the After Image - Shear Genius Season 3 - - All Rights Reserved)

For the very first competition Janine came in at the bottom three.

Definitely not a great start to the competition.  Although her Makeover was very ambitious, she had her work cut out for her.  Janine's makeover hair client had spiked hair created literally out of Elmer's Glue.  When Janine asked her model what she had in her hair, the model confirmed "Elmer's Glue".

Although it may be a great way to create rock solid spikes, it's definitely not an easy task removing the glue easily.

Not only did Janine have to remove the glue and fix the hair color she then had to cut what turned out to be very curly hair into a bob. With a full fringe.

Although in my opinion, she did good, she simply ran out of time.  There was only two hours assigned to the first makeover competition.

Even Judge Jonathan Antin said he liked where she was going and what she did in the middle but didn't think she finished the cut well.  Which would have been definitely a time factor.

(Image to the right is the After Image of Janine's Punk To Polished Model  - Shear Genius Season 3 - - All Rights Reserved)

For the second competition which involved creating a hairstyle to work with just a bikini bottom for a swimwear line, Janine was again left standing with the final six competitors.

Being left behind on stage could've meant Janine was either in the top three or the bottom three.

Second Challenge - Runway Hair

When the second challenge was announced Janine got obviously excited and said "runway hair has to be one of my favorite kinds of hair on the planet."

(Janine Jarmon working with Runway Model for second competition on Shear Genius 3 - - All Rights Reserved)

Orlando Pita explained that "the models were each holding a bag" which held "only the bottoms" to their outfits.

Orlando said "your challenge is to create a hairstyle that not only looks great on the runway, but that covers the model's breasts."

The master hairdresser said "you'll be judged on execution, creativity and designer satisfaction.  The winner of this challenge will receive immunity from elimination next week."

Because Amy won the shortcut challenge she was able to pick the first model.  Of course since part of the challenge was to cover the chest, Amy selected the model with the most hair.

The rest of the Shear Genius 3 contestants had to dive into a big bag and grab the bottoms.

The top piece they picked out of the big bag was ultimately their model.  Each of the contestants had two hours for the initial part of creating the hair for the competition.  They also had one hour behind stage to finish.

(Image of Janine Jarmon's Runway Model in progress - - All Rights Reserved).

Janine's said "I feel like I need to be in the top three for this so I put my big girl panties on and I came here today, ready to kick ass."  Janine told her beautiful blonde model "the opposite hair from what I had yesterday." The model said "really?"  and Janine replied "yeah."

Janine's self assigned goal for the second challenge was to take her model and create really big hair which would also cascade down around her chest to cover her chest.  She said "the look I chose to go with her is a zig zag set with large pins because I really wanted to go with this like sea nymph look.  I've got everything but the kitchen sink behind me."

As she was working on her model Janine looked at her model and said "oh pretty.  You're just going to be the belle of the ball."

The key was how to make the model's hair look high fashion for a runway show, make it gorgeous but also make sure that as the model went down the runway topless, her nipples were appropriately covered.

(Janine Jarmon (background) working on her Runway Model behind stage - Shear Genius 3 - - All Rights Reserved)

At one point Orlando Pita came up to Janine in his advisor role and said "when the models are walking down the runway, most people see them in profile.  So you want to be able to see her face.  I'm just giving you suggestions."

Janine said "absolutely."   Janine said "I'm taking a big risk, I'm doing something new."  Then Orlando moved onto the next contestant to give his suggestions and feedback.

At the end of one hour behind stage the contestants all took their places to one side of the stage to watch the runway show.  The judges and other viewers sat across from them to watch and judge the hair.

(Image of Janine Jarmon's Sea Nymph model in the Runway Competition - - All Rights Reserved)

Besides Camilla Alves and Jonathan Antin was Master Colorist Kim Vo and Monica Wise, L*Space designer and creator of the swimsuit line being shown on the runway.

Judging Janine's Runway Work

What did Janine think of her work?  As her model came out onto the runway Janine said "I was elated, I couldn't be happier.  She looked like a Sea Nymph walking down the runway.  Yeah, I did it!  I did what I came to do."

Camilla addressed the 12 contestants back at The Shear Genius Salon and reminded them that they were tasked with creating hair that was sexy and unique but also covered their model's chests.

Camilla announced the 6 contestants who the judges wanted to take a closer look at their work.  One of the six included Janine.

Camilla asked Janine what her inspiration was for her hair design.  Janine said "I wanted to make her look like a sea nymph just emerging from the water."

(Image of Janine's Sea Nymph Model for Swimsuit Runway challenge - - All Rights Reserved)

I loved how Janine added the feather hair accessory to one side.  It was the perfect finishing piece to a great hairstyle.

Kim told Janine "overall shape wise I think it's great the color was perfect.  It was seamless.  Camilla "I love the way you blended all the textures.  Like you went from straight to textured hair but all blended beautifully."

After the six contestants left the stage the judges discussed the contestants again.

When the judges discussed Janine's work Master Colorist Kim Vo said "you know what's very hard?  The color.  Add extensions into it and blend it with your natural color and to get all that texture?   Very difficult."

Jonathan Antin held his fingers up to show a measurement and said "it was this far away from being frightening.  She took that to the limit, and if she went any bigger it would have automatically been horrible.

(Image of Janine Jarmon being told she won the first Runway competition on Shear Genius Season 3 - - All Rights Reserved)

The Results

After bringing all the contestants back on stage Camilla said "three of you really impressed us while three of you fell short."   April, Janine and Brig were asked to step forward.

Camilla told the three women they were the top three. Camilla said "Janine, you executed your hair vision perfectly."  Janine was named the winner of the challenge.  She was so happy she was jumping up and down.

The good news for Janine?  She has immunity for the next challenge and can't be sent home next week.

Even though she was in the bottom three for the first Punk To Polished competition she was in the top three for the Swimsuit Runway competition and actually won the competition which was the most important part of the first episode.

(12 competitors in Shear Genius 3 - - All Rights Reserved)

Camilla told Janine her work was "Shear Genius" and she asked Janine how it felt to go from the bottom to the top and Janine laughed and said "I had to, I didn't have any other options." Camilla said "Janine, you have immunity in the next elimination."  Janine jumped up and down, clapped her hands and said "yeahhhhh".

Her hair was gorgeous and as Camilla pointed out, Janine's hairstyle would definitely have fit into any fashion runway.  Did she deserve to win?  I think so and the judges, Kim Vo, Jonathan Antin, Camilla Alves and the guest judge were definitely fair.

Congratulations to Janine.  I was so happy for her when it was announced she won.  Yes, I know I'm prejudiced but she deserved to win.  Janine said "tonight I was like...and this is what I do.  I win."

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