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Barbara Carrera's Long Lush Tresses - Steal Her Style!


Barbara Carrera 17th Carousel Of Hope Ball 10-28-06 All Rights Reserved

The gorgeously tressed Barbara Carrera recently showed off her shimmering black strands on the Red Carpet at the 17th Carousel Of Hope Ball.

The Nicaraquan born (December 31, 1951) model and actress rocked in a stunning form fitting red velvet gown that was framed by her panels of shimmering black strands that extended halfway down her back.

Note: Check out Barbara Carrera's Hairstyle Gallery.

She also showed off gorgeous diamond encrusted earrings and necklace. Her nails and lips were painted in a ruby red to match her gown.

Barbara has been modeling and acting since 1970 and her career is still flourishing. She was most recently seen on two episodes of television's Judging Amy as Francesca Messina.

Although noted for many of her acting roles, she is a long time fan favorite for her role as Fatima Blush in the Bond hit, Never Say Never Again (1983) with Sean Connery. Barbara sizzled as the sadistic yet vain Fatima who met her end due to her need to be flattered by Bond for her talents.

Famous for so many of her roles in a variety of films, the gorgeous actress is a vision of timeless beauty that shows no signs of fading.

Steal Barbara's Hair Style

Barbara Carrera 17th Carousel Of Hope Ball 10-28-06 All Rights Reserved

Barbara's style is based on her very long rich dark chocolate brown strands worn brushed back from her gorgeous face without an obvious part of fringe.

Her hair style can be optionally worn with or without a fringe or a variety of parts.

Barbara's tresses extend to below the middle of her back. Her hair appears to be naturally straight with medium to fine texture.

The International star appears to have an oval face shape that can easily carry off the long sweep of hair brushed from her hairline.

Step By Step Instructions

Follow the steps to steal Barbara's shimmering style which can be best described as long, lush and straight.

1. Shampoo and condition hair with products created for your hair texture, type and current condition. If your strands are naturally straight, fine or thin and you desire lots of volume, be sure to use volume enhancing products to help amp up your strands.

If your hair is colored or chemically treated be sure to use products that address these special needs to prevent the development of dryness or damage.

Note: A great hair care line used by many celebrities is Paves Professional line (Ken Paves is Jessica Simpson's hairdresser).

Barbara Carrera The Bourne Supremacy World Premiere 07-15-04 All Rights Reserved

2. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close the cuticle and help add natural shine.

3. Towel blot - do not rub - hair with an absorbent towel.

4. Depending on your natural hair texture, type and condition apply a moisturizing heat protecting conditioner or a product cocktail which includes a leave-in conditioner and/or defrisant product along with a straightening balm (if your hair is wavy or curly) or a styling mousse (if you desire some natural bend and texture for straight hair).

It's your option to work with one, two or all three products or select only those that your hair might require to create either shimmering straight strands or tresses with a little more fullness and texture.

Note: Celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves always uses his Paves Professional Red Carpet Styling Mousse on all of his celebrities when creating tresses that contain soft texture such as waves.

5. Gently detangle hair from ends up to roots using a "hair friendly" comb or your fingers.

6. Separate strands into individual 2" sections.

Barbara Carrera The Bourne Supremacy World Premiere 07-15-04 All Rights Reserved

7. Use a Boar's head flat or paddle brush and use the brush to anchor the ends of each section and direct the air from your blow dryer down the shaft to achieve straight strands.

If you desire more volume start at the back of your head using a round Boar's head or similar style brush to build in volume for each of the individual strands while directing the air flow of a blow dryer down the shaft from roots to ends.

Continue to blow dry until each section is 100% dry.

8. Once hair is 100% dry if you prefer the style to be straight, gently run a hot flat iron through all the strands for a few seconds to achieve perfect straightness and lock in shine.

9. If you prefer to add texture, use a small barrel curling iron to create random curls or waves at the ends of the tresses. Use fingers to arrange.

10. Apply one or two drops of shine serum into the palms of your hands and distribute well. Lightly brush your hands over the top of your newly finished style.

Optionally you may finish with a spritz of hairspray like Paves Professional Firm Hold Repairing Hair Spray.

Optional Looks

Barbara Carrera Anthony Quinn Tribute 07-28-01 All Rights Reserved

For an optional look you can create some soft volume along the crown extending from the hairline to the back of the head while pulling the rest of the strands up into a high twist.

This volume can be created by simply back combing the desired section or by using a volume enhancing spray or similar product when blow drying the style.

Another option is to instantly change your hair length, color and style with one of Ken Paves' HairDo options from HairUWear.

Barbara also rocks with her hair arranged in a slightly off-center part (shown to the side) and slightly waved at the ends arranged so the ends snuggle around her neck.

Barbara would also look lovely with her hair worn in a soft and loose side pony or a soft nape neck twist.

The beauty of Barbara's long lush locks is that they provide lots of great styling options for either formal or casual events. The possibilities and style options are endless. Let your imagination guide you.


What's next for the exotic brunette? Although Barbara has not recently announced her current pending projects, we are sure that she will continue to appear in a variety of entertainment venues and events. Here's hoping.

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