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Curly Haircut Values

Curly Haircut Value


Barbara Lhotan

Curl Expert For


The value of a good 'curly' cut can't be measured by cost, convenience or loyalty to your stylist.

If you're blessed with any type of  curl  or textured pattern and your hair is not properly cut, you won't be able to manage your locks.  Visit salons in your area and inquire as to who cuts curly hair.

(Image of Ginny from - Hair by Barbara Lhotan - Photo by Jeffrey Hines - - All Rights Reserved)

I promise you not one stylist will tell you they don't know how to cut texture.  Nor will they be overly willing to recommend someone else. How could this be?  Because they really believe they can cut curly or textured strands.

Tresses Are Part Of Your Everyday Wardrobe

Hair is part of your wardrobe that you wear every day. Some girls will spend money on clothes, shoes, dinners out and shriek at the price of a great cut.  The perfect cut for you is easy for a stylist who is trained and understands your hair.  Not to mention that you only need 3 or four cuts a year.

I know, stylists tell you to get a "trim" every six to eight weeks. This is not true. If hair grows 1/2 inch per month and you only cut 1/2 inch every six weeks how will you ever get your curly or textured hair to grow longer?

Tricks To Growing Longer Hair

One trick to growing longer curly or textured hair is not to pull on it when it's wet. Another is to limit the use of heat.

Find a style which suits you for work and do a special look you love for that great date.

No one should have any type of hair issues with all the conditioners, proper shampoos and information that you can find on

About Curl Expert Barbara Lhotan

Barbara Lhotan has been a hairstyle consultant to for over 12 years.  During that time she has been on-call to answer a wide range of technical questions about a myriad of hair topics including curly and textured tresses, long hair, updos, hair extensions and hair color.

A former platform artist and top educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems, Barbara recently received her certification as a top hair colorist.

The celebrity hairstylist has worked behind the curtain at New York Fashion Week with Internationally recognized hairstylists and models, on Broadway as a hairstylist for the popular Lion King, with beauty queens and reality TV stars, and as a stylist to several well-known celebrities in New York.

Barbara was one of the first hairstylists in the United States to become certified in Great Lengths Extension application techniques when it was first introduced.  Over the years she has become certified in several hair extensions methodologies.

Although Barbara has had extensive experience with long hair, she also works extensively with curly hair, but admits she loves working with any type of hair that "is a major challenge".

Her artistic updos have been featured in her best-selling book "5 Minute Updos" and her work has appeared in a wide ranges of print magazines including Modern Salon, 101 Celebrity Hairstyles, Short Cuts, Inspire and Passion.  Barbara is sought after for her work as a session stylist for magazine photo shoots.

To read more tips from Barbara Lhotan visit:

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