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4 Steps To Easy Prom Updo


Easy Prom Updo

Selecting the perfect hair style for Prom can be challenging. Finding a hairstyle you can do yourself at home without a lot of complicated steps is definitely welcome.

Updo hairstyles are popular for Prom because they secure hair off the face and the back.

Even better, they can be anchored to stay put for the entire Prom so that you're not constantly readjusting your hairstyle.

One of my all time favorite updos is so quick and easy to create it's amazing.

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Not only is it a snap to create, just about anyone has shoulder length or longer hair can do the updo. If your hair is long enough for clip-in or fusion extensions, then you are definitely set.

This updo can be created on any hair type or texture when it's long enough to twist. For ease of creation most hair works best when it's pre-straightened before styling into the updo.

Glam Up Your Updo

This easy prom updo can be glammed up with gorgeous hair accessories ranging from a jeweled comb, hair flower or even a tiara comb which can be placed in front of the updo.

Another great advantage to this updo hairstyle is the fact it can be customized to work with your hair type, length and texture. You can position higher or lower on your head or create lots of little coils or just a few bigger coils.

Hair Tools You Will Need

Easy Prom Updo Steps 1, 2, 3

To create this updo you will need hair friendly elastic, bobby pins in the same color as your hair, shine enhancing hair spray and/or shine serum.

You may also wish to add hair accessories to glam up the style and cover any bobby pins that may be visible.

Step By Step Instructions

Starting with hair which is either newly washed and dry or second day hair prepped with styling products complete the following steps:

1. Make A Single Ponytail

Direct all of the hair into a single ponytail with the base resting at the top of the crown. Use a hair friendly Blax, Bungee or other hair friendly elastic to hold the pony base firmly.

You may also wish to tease the hair close to the base of the pony so that it holds securely. This is especially true if you have fine or slippery hair.

If you prefer a higher updo you can position the base halfway between the hairline and the crown. You can also create a lower chignon by positioning the pony base halfway between the crown and nape of the neck or right at the nape.

2. Separate Pony Into Sections

Easy Prom Updo Step 2

Select individual 1/4" sections from the base ponytail.

Hold the tail section up at an angle from the base. Twist the section either clockwise or counterclockwise until the hair compresses down into a coil.

Pin each newly formed coil in a circular pattern around the base of the base ponytail. Continue stacking and pinning the coils until all of the hair has been used.

3. Finish With Shine Spray Or Serum

One you have coiled, pinned and arranged all of the different coils use your fingers or a clean toothbrush you no longer use to carefully smooth down any loose hair.

Apply a spritz of shine enhancing hair spray to the palms of your hands and lightly smooth over the updo.

If you prefer you can also apply 1 or 2 drops of shine serum to the palms of your hand. Once you have massaged the serum into your hands you can smooth over the top of the updo.

4. Add Hair Accessory

There are a wide range of options you can select for adding a hair accessory to the finished updo.

Easy Prom Updo Step 3

When you don't wish to include any type of hair accessory to your finished hairstyle just make sure to pin the coils so that the bobby pins are not visible.

If you wish to hide the pins you can tie a large bow around the top of the updo as shown above or you can add a jeweled comb, tiara comb, large hair flower or other accessory to disguise any obvious bobby pins.


This basic Prom Updo offer a variety of additional styling options. Instead of pulling all the hair up on top of the head you have the option to create a half up/half down style with the top half of the hairstyle rolled into one big coil (see below).

You can also create this hairstyle on shorter hair and roll a series of stand-alone coils like Gwen Stefani. Be creative and use your imagination to create a fun and easy Prom updo that is all your own.


Updos are a great Prom hairstyle because they look so much more formal than a lot of hairstyle.

The above updo is very easy to create on hair which is shoulder length or longer.

This updo hairstyle can also be created on hair which is extended through fusion or individual section clip in strands. It can also be created on some of the clip-in hair extensions.

Remember if you decide to wear this simple but elegant updo to practice several times before wearing the style to your Prom.

Easy Prom Updo Optional Half Up/Half Down

You will want to experiment with how wide you wish to make each section, how high up on the crown to place the base and whether or not you want to add a hair accessory to cover any pins.

Happy Coiling!

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