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Erika Christensen's Real Parenthood Hair

Erika Christensen Real Parenthood Hair

Erika Christensen As Julia Braverman Graham - Courtesy of NBC Erika Christensen As Julia Braverman Graham With Real Parenthood Hair - © NBC Universal, Inc.

If you're a fan of NBC's Parenthood, you're probably aware of Julia Braverman-Graham and actress Erika Christensen's real Parenthood hair.

I've spent the weekend binge watching all of the episodes in the past five seasons to jog my memories about Julia's hairstyles. Yes, I saw all of the original episodes and the re-runs, but thank heavens for Netflix as a great memory tool.

After my Parenthood watching binge, my admiration for the character of Julia, the acting of Erika Christensen and her true-to-life hairstyles were all solidified.

Not only does Erika do an amazing job of  showcasing her character, as a very realistic member of the close-knit Braverman family, she has done a fabulous job of guiding Julia through a wide ranges of challenges over the past five seasons of this powerful TV drama.

As a side note, Erika was the first actress to land a role in the show's pilot in early March 2009.

The Evolution Of Julia Braverman-Graham

Julia_22_250h Erika Christensen As Attorney Julia Braverman Graham With Real Parenthood Hair © NBC Universal, Inc.

I've have the great advantage of watching the show since the very first episode when Julia, was a workaholic attorney dealing with the stress of being a working mom to aloof daughter Sydney (Paige Rae).

The strain between Sydney and Julia was palpable during the first season. Sydney obviously preferred her stay-at-home dad Joel (Sam Jaeger) to her attorney mother.

High Powered Attorney Hairstyles

During Season one, Erika Christensen's real parenthood hair was styled perfectly as a high powered attorney.

When she was working her way up the ladder of a prestigious law firm her hairstyles ranged from an array of tight ballerina style buns positioned at the back of her head to nape neck chignons and sculpted twists.

Julia Braverman-Graham's Real Life Challenges

The writers of Parenthood have done a fabulous job of evolving the character of Julia as she addressed a wide range of challenges as a working mom, high powered attorney and spouse to a stay-at-home.

JuliaS1Episode2_250h Erika Christensen As Julia Braverman Graham - Real Parenthood Hair - © NBC Universal, Inc.

Julia's evolution over the past five seasons is not uncommon for the series. Parenthood's producer and writer, Jason Katims, is known for tackling emotional stories.

Over the past five years Julia's character has grown to take on adopting a son with special needs and trading in her role as an attorney for a stay-at-home mom.

With each season the character of Julia has worked through a wide range of real life challenges which has made her stronger and more self-assured.

Series Draws On Real Life Experiences Of Jason Katims

JuliaJoelJan2014_250h Julia & Joel Graham - Parenthood - January 2014 - © NBC Universal, Inc.

What some people may not know is that Katims often weaves his own life experiences into the story lines.

Besides having an autistic son like Max Braverman (Max Burkholder), Katims has experienced a wife battling cancer just like Kristina Braverman (Monica Potter) did in Season Four.

It would be interesting to know how Julia Braverman Graham's character plays into real life scenarios of Katims.

He's been quoted in the LA Times as saying "I'm proud that we've been able to tell stories that go on for very, very long arcs."

This has definitely been true about Julia Braverman Graham's character as well, which has been so brilliantly portrayed by actress Erika Christensen.

JuliaDecember2013_250h Julia Braverman Graham - Tousled Hair - Promises - January 2014 - © NBC Universal, Inc.

Erika Christensen's Real Parenthood Hair Through The Seasons

Studying Parenthood just from the evolution of Erika Christensen's hair has been a wonderful experience.

From her attorney approved buns and chignons to her loose, tousled hairstyles during her stay-at-home years, Julia Braverman Graham has stayed true to her life experiences as well as current trends.

In a recent scene with husband Joel Graham, Julia wore a soft feminine side braid in keeping with current hair trends.

Julia's Part Challenged Hairstyle?

JuliaWithDadZeekBraverman-13_250h Julia And Zeek Braverman - Lets Be Mad Together - 2013 - © NBC Universal, Inc.

Julia's hair may have taken on too much of a realistic style.  Recently, some fans of Parenthood complained that Julia's mom hairstyles have become almost too tousled, tangled and part challenged.

Indeed, in a scene from Promises, which aired on Thursday January 2. 2014, the normally well groomed Julia looked almost frumpy with seriously unkempt hair.

Of course she was going through a traumatic experience with Joel and facing a possible divorce.  Who has time to worry about their parts at a time like that?

JuliaBravermanFall2013-14_250h Julia Braverman Graham - Nipple Confusion - October 10, 2013 - © NBC Universal, Inc.

Nevertheless, her hair wins points for being on point with her current struggles with an estranged husband, angry children and the feeling of helplessness.

Julia's hair is totally realistic for her current storyline.  Bravo to the on-set hairdressers for keeping it real.

Will The NBC Programming Gods Be Kind To Adoring Fans?

Fans of Parenthood are waiting nervously to hear the fate of the beloved drama for the 2014/2015 Season.  News of it's fate is still hanging in the balance.

EricaChristensen-15_250h Actress Erica Christensen - © NBC Universal, Inc.

As an addicted fan, I am hoping the NBC TV Gods will grant the show another full season for the fans to enjoy.

There are just too many story lines which have lots of unanswered questions.  Will Kristina and Adam start a school for special needs children like their son Max?

Will Sarah ever settle down and remarry?  Can Julia and Joel overcome their martial problems and reunite?  Will Zeek and Camille sell their house and travel the world?

Most importantly, will Julia Braverman Graham remain a devoted stay-at-home mom, will she go back to her career as a high powered attorney and how will she wear her real Parenthood hair in another season? I really want to know.

Please NBC, don't deprive all the die-hard Parenthood fans from sharing future shows with the Bravermans.

Note:  This blog is dedicated to Carolyn Cooper who always inspires me and is a mutual fan of The Bravermans.

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