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Whole Trade Pineapples Spotlighted By Whole Foods Market

AUSTIN, Texas (March 31, 2010) - In April, Whole Foods Market is spotlighting sweet and juicy Whole TradeTM pineapples to celebrate the expansion of its ethical sourcing program in Costa Rica, which puts the leading natural and organic foods supermarket at the forefront of responsible pineapple sourcing in the U.S.

(Image of Pineapple From Whole Foods Market - All Rights Reserved)

"We're thrilled to offer a delicious fruit that not only raises the bar on quality and taste, but also give shoppers an opportunity to make a real difference for the environment," said Karen Christensen, global produce coordinator for Whole Foods Market. "By purchasing Whole Trade products, shoppers can support socially and environmentally responsible farming practices in developing countries."

Whole Foods Market works with Costa Rican growers who work diligently to provide delectably sweet, juicy fruit. To earn the Whole Trade Guarantee seal, growers must be certified that they ensure fair wages and safe working conditions while caring for the environment.

Through Whole Trade products, Whole Foods Market supports positive change in the developing countries where it sources products. Additionally, one percent of Whole Trade purchases go to the Whole Planet Foundation to help fight poverty in developing countries.

"Our Whole Trade pineapples are delivered at the peak of ripeness so they're ready to slice and serve the minute they hit our shelves," said Christensen. "Contrary to popular belief, shell color isn't an indicator of quality or ripeness. Our organic pineapples, available in select markets, are ready to eat when green! Ask any Team Member for a tasty sample right on the spot."

To celebrate this crowned jewel of produce, Whole Foods Market is partnering with Intrepid Travel® ( to offer a chance to win a nine-day trip for two to Costa Rica, home to the Whole Trade pineapple found only at Whole Foods Market. Shoppers can visit: to enter and to also find tasty fun, fresh recipes ranging from sweet and tangy pineapple-cucumber salad to hearty pork and pineapple tacos.

To learn more about selecting, slicing and serving this tasty tropical fruit, read the Whole Story blog at: throughout the month of April.

Find more information on the company's Whole Trade program at:

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