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Megan Park Had Curly Hair Envy

Introduction - Megan Park Curly Hair Envy

Megan Park - Curly Hair Envy - ABC Family - All Rights Reserved Megan Park - Curly Hair Envy - ABC Family - All Rights Reserved

As Grace Bowman on The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, Megan Park showcased an array of beautiful long blonde hairstyles with a perfect side swept fringe.

Ironically Megan had a history of struggling with her hair.

The actress and singer (born July 24, 1986) told Twist Magazine she grew up hating her naturally stick straight hair.

Instead Megan Park had curly hair envy.

Megan confessed "my straight hair was my biggest issue."

Naturally Thick Hair Challenges

Growing up in London, Ontario, Canada, all of her "friends had curls" while she felt her own naturally thick straight strands "just hung there."

Not having curls only made Megan envy her friend's ringlets.

Her own hair made her feel really  insecure and act somewhat obsessed about her tresses.

Wearing Ponytails Every Day

The actress told Twist her curly hair friends joked about her hair obsessions.  Her hair fix?  She confessed to wearing her naturally straight hair in daily ponytail, almost like a uniform, to hide her lack of curls.

Megan's curly hair envy sprung from her love of natural texture.

When she was growing up the actress confessed to being in awe of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's natural waves  and sprinkling of curls.  She thought the Olsen sisters "had the coolest hair."

Megan Park - The Secret Life Of The American Teenager Megan Park - The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

Megan confessed to Googling the Olsen sisters to uncover a list of their hairstyling products so she could copy their styling secrets.

Sleeping On Braids To Encourage Creation Of Hair Texture

She told Twist Magazine she wasn't allowed to curl her hair when she was younger so she would braid it and sleep on it all night.

Megan hoped the braiding would create natural curls and/or waves.

Unfortunately it wasn't the case.  Her hair resisted her attempts to create texture.

Eventually Megan decided to embrace her own tresses and not try to copy anyone else.  She told Twist "I finally started accepting the good things about my hair.

The actress decided having really thick hair was a good thing because it encourage her hair to be vibrantly healthy.

Even when she uses styling products, the thickness of her tresses protects them from any potential styling damage.

With time she embraced all the great things about her own naturally thick straight hair and stop focusing on the negatives.

Summary - Megan Park Curly Hair Envy

Megan pointed out that her naturally straight thick strands are resistant to frizz, are easier to style and requires only minimal styling products to look beautiful.

Her days of curly hair envy are completely over.
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