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When Brushing Hair Can Cause Death

Although extremely rare, there's a known condition called Hair Brushing Syndrome which could cause death in some situations.

According to there's a 13 year old girl in Scotland who suffers from the condition.

Back in 2008 the young girl's mother was getting her ready for school and was brushing her hair.  All of a sudden the young girl, who lives in Scotland, flopped over and her lips turned blue.  The mother thought her daughter was having a fit, which had never happened before.  Paramedics were called.

Doctors at Glasgow’s Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children diagnosed the girl has having a rare condition which is tied to static.

When her body is subjected to static her brain and body organs shut down and she risks death.  As a result, Megan Stewart, 13, has to avoid static of any kind, including the type of static which results when her hair is combed or brushed.

Megan's mother told the media “When we comb her hair, we have to lay her down and cover her head with water to stop any static building up. She can’t rub balloons on her head at parties, and she can’t wear any shiny clothing,”

How did Megan get this very rare but potentially deadly hair brushing condition?  Doctors have tied it back to the fact that when Megan's mother was pregnant with Megan she suffered from pre-eclampsia.

When she was born Megan only weighed 2 pounds, 5 ounces.  Although the condition did not develop until 2008, Megan and her family now understand that any type of contact with static could potentially cause all her organs to completely shut down and kill her.

This condition definitely poses an ongoing challenge for Megan and her family.

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