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Hollywood’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Hollywood’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Beyonce recently announced her pregnancy at the 2011 VMA’s by unbuttoning her jacket and flashing her baby bump. The pop star is used to flashing her treasures. When she got engaged to celebrity rapper Jay-Z she was flashing something else, her 18-carat flawless diamond sparkler which reportedly is valued at $5 million.

Although Kim Kardashian’s $2 million dollar engagement ring weighs in at 20.5 carats, it doesn’t hold a candle to Beyonce’s stunner.

Of course Beyonce is married to a rapper supposedly worth $940 million dollars or more. Being such a high profile rapper, Jay-Z was required to show up all the competition by popping for one of the most expensive engagement rings in the Hollywood set.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s engagement ring which she received from hubby Will Smith weighed in around 12 carats although it’s value isn’t well-known.

Other big Hollywood sparklers?

1. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – Her 40-carat diamond ring from Aristotle Onassis auctioned for 2.6 Million dollars in 1996 made it one of the most expensive engagement rings in history. Just imagine what it would be worth in 2011.

2. Paris Hilton – The reality TV star received a $4.7 million engagement ring from shipping heir Paris Latsis. The 24-carat diamond which was given to Paris in 2005 was later rumored to be fake.

3. Mariah Carey – Husband to be Nick Cannon gifted her with a $2.5 million dollar ring with 17 beautiful carats.

4. Michael Douglas – The actor asked for the hand of Catherine Zeta-Jones in marriage with a 10-carat marquise cut, antique diamond engagement ring with an estimated value of over 2 Million dollars.

5. Tom Cruise – The actor has good ring taste. He presented Katie Holmes with an Edwardian style oval shaped diamond ring rumored to have cost upwards of 1.5 million dollars.

6. Ben Affleck - He dropped approximately $1.2 million dollars on Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring. The ring sported an attention grabbing 6.1 carat Harry Winston, pink diamond. The couple never made it to the altar and wound up marrying other people.

7. Melania Knauss Trump – Her gorgeous engagement ring (estimated to be between 12-15 carats) presented to her by hubby Donald Trump in 2004. It has a current estimated value of $1 million but Trump claimed it cost $3 million and at the time was the most expensive engagement ring of all time.

8. Prince Charles – The royal proposed to Camilla Parker on bended knee holding a square-cut diamond ring worth an estimated 1 Million dollars.

9. Ben Affleck – The big spender dropped 1/2 million or so on wife Jennifer Garner’s engagement ring.

10. Tony Parker - The basketball star commissioned famed jeweler Jean Dousset to create an original emerald cut diamond ring with an estimated value of over 500,000 dollars for Eva Longoria when they got engaged. Although the marriage ended in divorce, the engagement ring was stunning.

11. Charlie Sheen – Before they hit the skids, Charlie dropped more than 1/2 million on Brooke Mueller when they got engaged. The diamond was a huge radiant cut, yellow diamond engagement ring.

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