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Modern Family Searching For A New Asian Child To Play Lily

Modern Family Searching For A New Asian Child To Play Lily

Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) his husband Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet and their adopted daughter Lily (Jaden and Ella Hiller) are evolving as a growing family.

As the ABC comedy moves into it's third year on the show there has been talk that the Hiller twins will be replaced by a more lively, happy 3 or 4 year old Asian who will have more personality.

The Hiller twins are quiet and the show's creators and producers are hoping for a child who is happier, more bubbly and outgoing.

It makes a lot of sense.  The right little girl could create a lot of great scenes and comedy between the two gay dads who are complete opposites.  Unfortunately while the Hillers twins are adorable, they are so quiet it limits the writers options on the show.

Modern Family executive producer Steve Levitan told EW that "we adore Jaden and Ella, but have started to think they'd rather be home playing than working as actors."  Levitan said "If we end up making a change, it’s only because we want what’s best for them.”

Levitan acknowledge in May that while they don't want the Hiller twins to be unhappy on the set, he recognizes that people may be upset with the show if they do replace them.

Now the word in the TV community is that Levitan does want a happier set of twins to play a growing Lilly.

Since Lilly had such a small part on the previous two years of the show there's still time to introduce an older and livelier version to the audience without serious consequences to ratings.

Do you agree?  Would you prefer a happier Lilly?

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