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Secrets About Janine Jarman Of Shear Genius 3 (SG3)

If you're a Shear Genius 3 fan you've watched Janine Jarman for the past nine weeks cutting, coloring, blow drying, brushing, curling, pinning, extending strands and turning out spectacular hairstyles in a very limited amount of time.

Who will ever forget her first Elimination Win in Week One when her stunning blonde Nymph from the sea floated down the runway strutting her gorgeous cloud of blonde tresses.  It was a WOW moment.

Male Hair Extension Victory Plus Bob Success

Janine also completely transformed a frumpy man into a hunk using HairUWear hair extensions.  The bubbly competitor also created a picture perfect bob on a model with naturally curly hair.   Of course Janine has had a few misses, but for the most part she has come in either as doing Shear Genius work or being a close second.  Her performance on the reality TV show has been stupendous.

Get To Know The Real Janine

While you might think you know Janine from her Shear Genius 3 performances, you may surprised with the real Janine.  I have known Janine since she opened her fabulous Hairroin Salon ( located at 1553 North Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles, California (90028-7312 -  Phone (323) 467-0392).

I've had the great fortune to visit Janine at Hairroin which is by far one of the coolest salons in Hollywood.

Janine's Origins

Janine is originally from Huntington Beach, California, but she's lived in Los Angeles for the past four years.  When she was getting ready to open the edgy Hairroin Salon in Hollywood her beloved dad stepped up and built her the most spectacular wooden hutch in record time.

Janine is so proud of her dad and her family.  When I visited her last Spring (May 09) she gave me a tour of the salon and pointed out the breathtaking work of her dad.

Although she wears punk-a-licious fashions, boots and Tarina Tarantino accessories (one of my fav designers) she is really an all American girl who loves to garden, cook, create new recipes and hang out at home.

Janine Is Getting Married In June of 2010

Janine is getting married in June of 2010 to her sweetheart who is a doll.  I met her finance and he is a hunk.  No, he's not in the hair trade, but he is very supportive of Janine and her passion.  Which is hair.  Yes, Janine has been passionate about hair since she was 13 years old.

She has"tons of fun at her salon" but wanted to be on Shear Genius 3 in order "to shake things up"  She really likes to push myself and stretch herself to the limit."  When Janine started doing hair, it came really naturally to her and she pursues her hair craft with an admirable zest and determination.

Janine learned at the side of famed hairdresser Michael O'Rourke (Sexy Hair) and one of her first celebrity clients was the famed Pussycat Dolls.  Janine has worked with the Dolls for many years, traveling with them and appearing on their past reality TV show.

Besides her work with The Pussycat Dolls, Janine works with a wide range of celebrities and is the West Coast hair expert for Sebastian products, which she adores.  Her high fashion hair photo shoot for Sebastian shot in New York was recently featured in Elle Magazine.  The hairstyles were eye popping, mouth dropping.

Although she is famous, works with celebrities and in demand for coiffing fashion runway hairstyles, Janine still takes new clients.  Why?  Because her true love is working behind the chair.  And of course she loves people and working with them all day long.

Janine will be the first to tell you she's a chatterbox and "can't keep her mouth shut."  Because she loves people so much hair was "an easy field" for her "to go into" because she "can't be quiet" and of course a side benefit is that you get "to dress funky" which Janine does in spades.

The high energy spark plug hairdresser loves being "a daymaker and making people feel good."  If you ask Janine about being a hairstylist she'll tell you "it's one of the coolest jobs ever".

Janine is "really well versed on all different aspects of hair".  She does hair for lingerie shows and girls groups (several besides Pussycat Dolls) and fashion shots as well as Red Carpet Hair.

She truly knows how to do "a ton of hair at once on a bunch of different people".   What does that mean?  Well, she does hair at the salon, does cut, color and extensions and travels for her work on celebs.  She has her hands in lots of different fires all the time.

I think Janine has lasted in the Shear Genius 3 competition to the very end because Janine is a much more balanced hairdresser.

Janine Off Camera On SG3

Meanwhile, when Janine was off camera on SG3 she let her true Susie Homemaker skills shine through.  Janine and Matthew, who have remained close since SG3, went grocery shopping (under the watch of their SG handlers) and spent a lot of their time cooking, playing board games, dancing and chatting about hair and their honeys.  In fact, Matthew and his husband have double dated with Janine and her hunky finance.

Janine is not a party girl.  She will be the first to tell you because "she dresses crazy and has lots of tattoos people assume she's a party girl".  But she's not.  She does not go out clubbing.  In fact, if you ask here the best place to go in Hollywood, she has no clue.  But ask her about her favorite recipe and she'll share it with you.  Janine bakes a mean cookie and her garden will probably show up featured in a magazine someday.

Although Janine took a lot of heat from Brig and some of the other Shear Genius 3 stylists for being too good to be true.  In reality, she is.  There is no better hairdresser in Hollywood than Janine Jarman.  Not only is she a talented hairdresser, she is a warm and caring professional who truly listens to her clients, their hair needs and desires.

I am very proud to know Janine and wish her the best of success in all that she does in her lifetime.

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