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Ding Dong The Brig Witch Is Alive On Shear Genius 3, Episode 7

Episode 7 of Shear Genius 3 picked up the pace with lots of thrills and chills.  There were two guest judges, celebrity hairdresser Kim Kimble and singer Estelle.  There was more filming behind the scenes at the SG3 contestants lodging and Brig's fangs became even more visible.

(Brig - Bravo/TV - Shear Genius 3 - All Rights Reserved)

The Shortcut Challenge involved African American models who recently graduated from high school.  The challenge was dealing with styling African American hair for formal events.

The guest judge was celebrity hairdresser Kimberly Kimble who is hairdresser to Beyonce and Mary J. Blige.  I have interviewed Kimberly in the past and she is a doll.  Very knowledgeable, but a great lady.

The remaining contestants included Janine, Matthew, Jon, Brian and the evil orange haired Brig. Although Janine, Matthew, Jon and Brian all seem to get along well, Brig doesn't seem to get along with anyone now that Amy is gone.

Brig has made it clear it's her against Janine and Matthew who appear to be on the fast track to winning.  Jon and Brian have had successes but not compared to Janine and Matthew.

For the African American Short Cut challenge Janine told the camera "I'm super experienced with African American hair.  I'm used to the texture.  I did Lil Kim's hair for awhile, I'm confident going into this."

The judging for the Shortcut Challenge was based on execution, technical skills, age appropriateness and client satisfaction.

Brig told the cameras "this will be my second time styling African American hair.  So my plan is to fake it. Slick all her natural hair back, hide it under a natural hair piece and create whatever I want out of the hair."  She told her model "I'm excited about this challenge."

(Image of Janine Jarman - Bravo/TV - Shear Genius 3 - All Rights Reserved)

When the Shortcut Challenge, which only lasted 90 minutes was finished Janine's interpretation of Gwen Stefani got the highest marks from Kimberly Kimble and won the Short Challenge.  Brian also was in the top two although he did not win.

Brig was the loser based on Kimberly Kimble's comments "I was the least impressed with Brig."  Kim said "she missed the mark on the fact it's supposed to be a formal event and it was a bit high fashion."

In her typical delusional way Brig said "I still had a great time.  My client and I are smiling and laughing that we lost because her hair looks killer.  I still feel like a winner, somehow."  Okay Brig.  In what Universe?  Certainly not in the Universe Of Great Hair.

Between the Shortcut Challenge and the Elimination Challenge the contestants were shot while hanging out in their Shear Genius 3 residence.

Brian, Janine and Matthew discussed Brig's hair at the Shortcut Challenge.  Brian said "OK, honestly, did you think her (Brig) hair was the worst today?"  Janine said "100% yes."  Brian said "you think?"  Janine "effortless.   I could have done what she did in ten minutes."

(Matthew - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine said to the camera "Brig lost the challenge and I absolutely think she deserved to."  Matthew said "here's the deal with her."  Janine "lets break it down."  Matthew "she has totally alienated herself and been totally weird and passive aggressive the whole time."  Brian "but don't you think it's a game?"  Matthew "that she's nuts?"  Jon "no, I don't think she's nuts."  Janine "no I really think she is nuts."  Brian "I think she's very smart and very crafty."

Brian said to the camera "I think Brig is really just playing this game.  I gotta give it up to her.  She's playing this game better than anyone of us."

Janine said to Brian "that's the thing.  I don't like playing on the floor."  Matthew "she's playing the mind game card."  Janine said about Brig "when you talk sh**, "dude, you're mediocre at best.  What land are you living in right now?"  Matthew said "the Land Of The Lost."

Jon dressed up as Brig and came skating into the kitchen were Matthew, Janine and Brian were hanging out.  Brig came in after Jon who pushed Janine out of the way.  He had on Janine's orange wig, her big hair bows, her gold bikini top and her roller skates.  He looked hilarious and he nailed Brig totally.

Elimination Challenge - Create A 60/70s Style

The guest judge for the elimination challenge was Grammy award winning Estelle.  The challenge was to create hairstyles for Estelle's VIP guests invited to a Red Carpet listening party for Estelle's latest CD.  Estelle told the contestants she wanted the hairstyles to work with the theme of her record which was "kinda 70s, Edie Sedgewick, Diana Ross in Mahogney, that whole kinda iconic British, iconic American, but still a bit sexy."

Since Janine won the Shortcut Challenge she got first pick of the models and got to pair the rest of the models with the contestants.  Brig said "I'm looking down the line up at the VIP guests and I'm wondering which one Janine's gonna give me.  My guess is she's going to give me the girl with the longest, thickest, curliest, frizziest hair and hope I hang myself on this."

When her model was assigned Brig said to the camera "there's my model.  Tons and tons of thick, curly, frizzy hair.  Really?  That's really obvious Janine."

Yes, it was obvious that Janine gave Brig the worst model.  What did Brig expect?  Brig has been nothing but mean, nasty and obnoxious to Janine.  Who knows what else happened behind the scenes that we didn't see?  As someone who knows Janine, she is truly a sweet, hardworking and dedicated hairdresser.  I can't imagine what Brig has done when the cameras were not rolling.

Jon said "I think Matthew and Janine have prayed that Brig went home a long time ago.  But to me, you know the thing is to realize you're in a competition and not everybody's supposed to F****** get along."

Styling Inspirations

While Brian embraced the goal of creating an Edie Sedgewick, Brig and Janine both went for a Dianna Ross look.  Who got the idea first?  It would appear it was Janine because she was talking to her model about it before Brig told Orlando Pita she was going for a Dianna look.

Janine's response to the news that Brig was doing a Dianna Ross like her?  Janine said "I over hear Brig saying she's going to do a Dianna Ross thing.  I'm pissed.  That's something I don't dig.  Is copiers.  Like, do your thing and do it well but don't copy."  Janine told Orlando "we're going to make her a very shiny, classy, bouncy, Dianna Ross."

Brig's Sole Purpose To Rain On Matthew And Janine

Brig told the camera "my sole purpose for being here is to rain on The Wonder Twins' parade.  Matthew and Janine.  Ohhhh, they're so annoying already.  I gotta get em."

Brig said to the camera about her finished style "I'm hoping my style gets rave reviews from her (Estelle)."

Final Elimination

Yes, it was obvious that Janine gave Brig the worst model.  What did Brig expect?  Brig has been nothing but mean, nasty and obnoxious to Janine.

Who knows what else happened behind the scenes that we didn't see?  As someone who knows Janine, she is truly a sweet, hardworking and dedicated hairdresser.  I can't imagine what Brig has done when the cameras were not rolling.  Jon said it well when he said "it's a competition."

The Winner

The outcome?  Janine and Jon were in the top two with Janine winning the challenge for her amazing interpretation of Diana Ross.  Janine won the Elimination Challenge with kudos from all the judge.  Only Camilla has a negative comment and it was very minor.

The Losers

Brian, who defended Brig to Matthew and Janine, was in the bottom two with Brig.  I thought for sure Brig was going to go home at least because her hair style version of Dianna Ross was hands down the absolute worst.  In fact, Camilla Alves told Brig her model "looked like she was ready for bed."  She also told Brig "technically it was imbalanced" and "your overall look was uninspired, and too safe."

There was a moment while Brian and Brig were standing on the loser's platform that I really and truly thought it was the end of the road for Brig.  At last.  Finally.  I was ready to sing "ding dong, the witch is dead".  Of course you can be free to substitute words for witch but you get my drift.

Sadly it was Brian who got the final cut.   When his name was called Matthew, Jon and Janine all looked disappointed and sad.  Brian hugged Brig goodbye.

Brig Disses Janine And Matthew

Brig said to the camera "Wonder Twins Janine and Matthew make some room up there because I'm coming back."  She also said "I still have an opportunity to win this so I'm gonna put my smile on my face and come back with guns blazing.  And ready to go.  Thanks Janine, you're fueling my fire."

Good Bye Brian

I really liked Brian a lot. The only remaining contestant I don't like is Brig.  It doesn't matter to me whether she is just playing the game or not.  I don't like any of her hairstyles either.  Did Bravo keep her because she causes drama and to keep things spicy?

Who knows if we'll ever know the real truth?

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