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Big Brother 11: Jessie Loves Hostess Cupcakes

As Chima continues to rant and rave about Russell she is coming up with new names to call him.

Since many of Chima's terms for Russell may be ultimately bleeped she told Jessie, in one of her marathon Head of Household chats that she should start calling Russell a "Ding Dong".

(Image of Chima - Big Brother 11 in the Head of Household (HoH) Room - All Rights Reserved).

Chima and Jessie who were laying in bed together on Tuesday (8/11/09) in the Head of Household room, teased that after watching Big Brother and listening to Chima calling Russell a "Ding Dong" they will be running about the house asking what's a Ding Dong.

Once Chima came up with the term Ding Dong Jessie talked about how much he loved Hostess Cupcakes even though they are "so bad for you."  Chima agreed with Jessie about how delicious Hostess Cupcakes and Ding Dongs are.

Jessie told Chima he used to go to the Hostess Cupcake outlet store to get his fix.  He also discussed with Chima his days working on the railroad and because he is such a "lazy bastard" he would wait until the last possible minute to get ready for work and would live as close to work as possible so he could just roll out of bed and show up.

It's interesting eavesdropping on Chima when she talks one on one to Jessie without Natalie in the room.  In fact, Chima told Jessie that Natalie was getting on her nerves.  Jessie said Natalie is "so hot" but they both agreed that she's a little brat.

Since Jessie is so into working out and building up his body it was surprising to hear him and Chima talk about Hostess cakes and how yummy they really are.

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