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BB11: Jeff Exercises Mystery Power - Jessie Evicted For Second Time

BB11: Jeff Exercises Mystery Power - Jessie Evicted For Second Time

When Julie Chen, the Big Brother hostess asked who had the Mystery Power and whether or not they wanted to use it, Jeff, at the prompting, stood up.  The look of shock washed over several of the faces of the House Guest although some had already figured out Jeff had the "Wizard Power" as they were calling it.

(Pictured: Jessie on Big Brother 11Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Julie explained that Jeff had Coup d'Etat power which was the power to overthrow any of Chima's picks for eviction.  In essence Jeff turned Chima into a lame duck ineffective Head Of Household.

Jordan was literally shocked that Jeff had the secret Coup d'Etat.  Julie made a point of noting that Jordan's mouth was on the floor.

Jeff immediately used his Coup d'Etat powers and took both Lydia and Russell of the block.  Jeff then put Natalie and Jessie in the place of Lydia and Russell.  Although it was a surprising move, it was not totally shocking since Jeff had mentioned in passing to Jordan that he would "love to see Jessie and Natalie" up on the block at the same time.

When asked why he did what he did, Jeff was, as always, very polite.  He addressed Natalie and Jessie and said "as I've learned from both of you, this is just a game.  I've got the power and you guys have to feel the pain a little bit.  Enjoy."

Neither Chima or Jeff were allowed to vote.  Chima couldn't vote because she was the Head Of Household, even though she was stripped of her power.  Jeff could not vote because he had the Coup d'Etat.

Natalie gave a speech about being moved onto the Eviction Block and said "I was right to be worried about this power."  She also said "I have been loyal in this house."   Jessie gave a much longer speech, but implored Lydia and Kevin to help him.  He said "I know I didn't make some things happen."

The Final Big Brother Voting Went This Way:

-Lydia made no secret of her dislike of Natalie.  She voted to evict Natalie.

-Jordan knows that tonight's eviction is a victory for her and Jeff.  She voted to evict Jessie.

-Kevin has been allies of both Natalie and Jessie.  He voted to evict Jessie.

-Michele has bonded with the women in the house.  She voted to evict Jessie.

-Russell voted to evict Natalie.

Jesse was evicted from The Big Brother House for the second time.  He walked out of the house with Lydia crying hysterically. Chima was extremely angry.  She said she was going to have a "talk with the producers of the show".

Russell was ecstatic and Michele was silent.  The good news?  Jesse is not in the jury room and will vote on the final two.  He made it further than his previous stay on Big Brother.

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