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Bill And Giuliana Rancic Said ABC's Bachelor Reality Show Is Fake

Bill And Giuliana Rancic

Bill And Giuliana Rancic Said ABC's Bachelor Reality Show Is Fake

Reality Show couple Bill and Giuliana Rancic were recently guests on "The Bonnie Hunt Show" where they discussed their opinion of ABC's The Bachelor reality dating show.

Bonnie asked Bill and Giuliana what they thought "about The Bachelor" since Bill and Giuliana have their own reality TV show which is called Giuliana And Bill.

Giuliana (referring to an earlier clip Bonnie played of Jake Pavelka crying with bachelorette Ali crying in the hallway) said "we were dying, first of all, watching that.  How fake is that?  I mean, god, I shouldn't say that.  But I'm gonna say it.  Yeah, it's pretty out of control."

Bill "well when the girl (Ali) sat down in the hallway of the hotel that's when I'm like 'enough's enough at this point'"  Giuliana completely agreed.

Bonnie pointed out "but we (women) have done that when our hearts have been broken.  I've fallen to my knees and wept over a guy and been really sad."  Bill "not when there's forty people with cameras and lighting and sound booms around you."

Giuliana And Bill Rancic

Giuliana "I was gonna say.  And that was probably her third take.  Like the first two times they're like 'more emotional' and she's like 'OK.  I'll do it again.' But yeah, a lot of these reality shows are getting so fake."

The Bachelor Lean

Bonnie noted "they're doing the Bachelor Lean.  They're all leaning over railings.  They do the lean.  They think they have to lean."

Giuliana "I like that. It's true.  With us, that was part of our deal, when we spoke to the network about it we were like 'I know that drama gets ratings but we're not going to do that.  We just wanted to make a nice wholesome fun show."  Bill agreed "A family friendly show."

Bonnie "yeah, because I've seen you at your folk's house on the show.  But is there any, you do have some control over what you use.  God forbid you go on a show and say 'lets go on a reality show and I have no conditions.'"

Bill replied "we do, but we never actually pulled anything.  We said 'if it happens, it happens.'  We've never used our powers to pull anything out."

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