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The Bachelor Bait And Switch With Ali

As I have revealed in the past, I have been watching "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" since the very beginning.  I watched all of the various series and still feel Ryan and Trista Sutter did it the best.  However, people want fantasy, romance, sex and Prince Charming.

The current 2010 edition of "The Bachelor" marketed as "On The Wings Of Love" is playing a traditional bait and switch game with contestant Ali Fedotowsky who claimed she had to leave the show and the chance at living happily ever after with Jake Pavelka.

The short story is that Ali works for social media giant Facebook who forced her to leave the show or lose her job.  The long story is that Ali is being groomed to be the next "Bachelorette" and was not destined for Jake anyway.

Of course the current buzz direct from the show is that Ali and Jake are not finished forever.  Well I don't believe it.  Even though host Chris Harrison has said "Ali definitely comes back to "The Bachelor" in some capacity" after she exited the show on Monday night (02/08/2010) I believe that capacity will be a phone call or some other form of tame communication like a letter.  Or maybe a message in a bottle that floats onto the beach in St. Lucia (nice place by the way).

Remember all the teasers in "The Bachelorette" when Jake Pavelko was kicked off and all the promos saying he would come back?  Well Jake came back to tell Jillian that Wes had another girlfriend.  Then he left.  Jillian did not take Jake back or change her mind.    In fact, she didn't appear to really believe him because Wes managed to hold on for a little bit longer.

We also had teasers about other banished bachelors and bachelorettes coming back to beg for one more chance or show up announced at the final rose ceremony.

Will Ali be back in some capacity?  Yes she will.  But will it amount to anything shocking or dramatic or show changing?  No, I don't believe it will.

Another point to make, why does "The Bachelor/Bachelorette" shows continue to win in the ratings game?  Well maybe because the world is not always a great place to be living in right now with wars, terrorism, a shaky economy and high employment.

How do people temporarily shut out the problems of the world or even a stressful day?

Well you can go home and down a few strong margaritas or Shiner Bocks (I live in Texas afterall), you can dip into a pint of Ben & Jerry's or you can escape into alcohol free, calorie free reality shows like "The Bachelor".  Afterall, who needs sweet and gooey ice cream when you can spend two hours with "The Bachelor?"

Yes many times the people, the dates and the final Rose Ceremonies are beyond reality.   Unless you are seriously delusional, you know The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and their various suitors are all make-believe.  It's like watching the old fashioned kind of Soap Opera like "All My Children" or "The Guilding Light".

Unfortunately the old fashioned Soap Operas which used to blare from large flat screens in college dorms and doctor's offices are fading fast.  "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" are the social media versions of soaps.

To me, the only real people on "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" are the people behind the scenes who work hard to pull all the various contestants together, keep all those roses look dewey fresh and continue to sell the fantasy year after year.

Reality TV Shows, whether in the romance genre, the talent category or any of the myriad types of shows which have sprung up since the beginning of the Reality Show concept are simply TV shows with a new spin.  Since TV shows have to be entertaining and win ratings to stay alive, there will always be a lot of manipulation to keep things going.

Do I know "The Bachelor/Bachelorette" is fake?  Absolutely.  But I still watch it because it is mildly entertaining and it's mindless fun.  I also am addicted to "American Idol" and "Survivor" and "Big Brother".  Yes, a lot of those shows are scripted in some form or fashion but there are elements of reality to them.  Especially Idol.  I'm not sure how much I believe is truth of fiction with "Big Brother" but it is so much fun to watch I don't really care.

As far as the latest Bachelor Bait and Swtich with Ali I honestly would be disappointed if Mike Weiss and Company didn't have some sort of Ali Angle.  Not only does it sound good, it will definitely keep the fans coming back.  With me being one of them.

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