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Jake Pavelka, Kiptyn Locke Or Reality Steve As Next Bachelor? needs a good guy to be their next Bachelor.  One who is really fun to watch and has the fans able to enjoy the show for what it is - good entertainment.  Afterall, it is a scripted show.

We all know that but in the end I think all of the fans want to be entertained.  Right?

(Image of Kiptyn Locke from The Bachelorette - - All Rights Reserved).

After all the angry viewers, many still hating Jason Mesnick for what he did to Melissa Rycroft, needs to find a Bachelor who at least seems like a really good guy.  And is enjoyable to watch.

Warning.....Spoiler Alert....Stop Reading Now

Although the rumor mill has Kiptyn Locke in the lead as the next Bachelor, which of course means the final two Bachelors will most likely be Reid Rosenthal the realtor from Philly and Ed Swiderski, the consultant from Chicago who left the show early to get back to his business.

If Kiptyn is dumped by Jillian it will very likely mean he will be picked as the next Bachelor.  Or not.  Maybe either the loser from the Reid and Ed final rose ceremony will win out.

Many fans are pulling for the handsome pilot from Dallas (yeah Dallas) who flew in to warn Jillian about the evil Wes who had a girlfriend.  Never mind the fact that rumors are flying that Ed also has a girlfriend.  Which takes us back to Jake Pavelka.

Who Doesn't Love A Man In Uniform?

Who doesn't love a man in a uniform.  Not to mention the fact he has shown his knight in shining armour persona by rushing to Jillian's side to try and stop her from having her heart broken by that cad Wes.

A very recent poll on asked "Should Jake consider The Bachelor?"  Approximately 89 percent voting "Yes – He deserves to find love," with only 11 percent choosing "No – It would be the biggest mistake of his life."

Reality Steve Would Be The Best Bachelor Of All

Actually, if they were smart, ABC TV would have Steve from as their next bachelor.  Why?  Steve, who I absolutely adore, is one of their loudest critics.  If Steve were picked as next season's Bachelor he would walk a mile in the shoes of all those Bachelors from the past.  What is it they say about you really don't understand until you walk in someone's shoes?

Besides, Steve would have to sign the well-known ABC contract and that would require him to zip his lip about a lot of things he currently openly chats about.  The thing is that Steve might not actually be willing to be The Bachelor but I think it's a big win/win for ABC and Steve.

After all, Steve oozes personality so he would be fun to watch, he's a Bachelor and he lives in Dallas, which we all know I'm prejudiced towards Bachelors and Bachelorettes from my hometown.

Finally, with Steve as The Bachelor the ratings would be through the roof.  Seriously, it could be a huge ratings win.  I'll even volunteet to help write the scripts.

One other advantage to RealitySteve as The Bachelor.  He would be totally believable.  Anyone who reads his blogs knows he just wants ABC to get it right and he would bring lots of credibility to the show that needs some about now.  Finally, Steve has family in the LA area so why not shoot there?

Yes, I already told Steve he should be one of The Bachelors.  Last season during the Jason Mesnick/Melissa/Molly fiasco I had the great honor to interview Steve by phone.  He is charming, funny and fun.  A perfect Bachelor candidate.

Will ABC listen to me?  Probably not but it would be nice to see Chris Harrison and Reality Steve bonding.  And Steve already hangs out with lots of the past bachelors and bachelorettes, so why not make it all official?  Of course this is just my two cents but that's the beauty of a blog.  You get to say what you want.

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