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Vienna Girardi From ABC's Bachelor Reportedly Spent Ex's Money On Breast Implants

US Weekly has reported that ABC's Bachelor contestant Vienna Girardi is an unemployed 23 year old who used to work at Hooters (she is currently unemployed) as a waitress, but reportedly withdrew her ex-husbands last $5,000 from his bank to pay for her breast implants while he was in Iraq on duty with the Marines.

(Image of ABC's Bachelor 2010 Contestant - Vienna Girardi - - All Rights Reserved)

What's puzzling to me is why ABC didn't find out some of the juicy details about the contestants on this current season with Jake Pavelka?

Afterall, there has already been one scandal with one of the female contestants (Roz Pappas) reportedly having an inappropriate interaction with one of the show's producers.  Although the contestant denies any wrongdoing, the producer of the show claimed otherwise.

There has also been a lot of flap about Tenley who is divorced and now supposedly there is a lot of buzz about Tenley's ex-husband and who he left Tenley for.

I don't remember any talk on the show about Vienna being divorced which is odd since a huge deal was made about Tenley being divorced.  Did Vienna even tell Jake she was divorced or keep that quiet?  Maybe Jake didn't even know about Vienna's ex-husband.

(Image of Bachelor Jake Pavelka -'s "The Bachelor" - All Rights Reserved)

One thing is for sure, the rest of the female contestants have clashed with Vienna from the beginning of the show.  Is that scripted or for real?  If indeed Vienna helped herself to her ex's bank account while he was fighting in Iraq, that is bad news for Jake.

"She took every bit of his money," her former mother-in-law Gale told Us Weekly. "I know that boob job was the first thing she had done."

What's more, when Riley returned from his tour of duty (he was injured in Iraq during an explosion), Girardi "had locked his belongings in storage and would not tell us where they were," Gale told Us.  Nice.

Riley, who was wed to Girardi for just 10 months after eloping, told Us Weekly that he also discovered that while he was in Iraq, "she slept with one of my buddies I was deployed with ... I'm 99 percent sure she cheated on me."  Adds Riley, "Marrying her was a mistake."

(Image of ABC's Bachelor contestant - Roz Papa - - All Rights Reserved)

Any words of wisdom for Bachelor Jake Pavelka, who is rumored to choose Girardi on the March 1 Bachelor finale? "I'd rather not comment," Riley tells Us Weekly. "I'd like to forget."

Oddly Vienna is one of the remaining four bachelorettes.  Even though she has acted inappropriately with Jake and the other bachelorettes, the rumor is that Jake will pick her in the finale.  Geez, lets hope not.  Jake is from Dallas and I'm rooting for him to have a happy ending not pick someone who will treat him badly.

But hey.  This is reality TV and if ABC wanted a rumor free show after the drama with Bachelor Jason who dumped Melissa for Molly, they sure aren't getting it with Jake.

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