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Vienna Girardi in Playboy, Jake Pavelka in Playgirl?

If you're not a fan of ABC's The Bachelor/Bachelorette Reality TV series of ABC's Dancing With The Stars you may not recognize the names of either Vienna Girardi or Jake Pavelka.

However, if you read any type of blogs, newspapers or watch TV you know all about Jakenna.

Jakenna has exploded into the media over the past week because, depending which party you believe is to blame, the most recent Bachelor couple are kaput.

(Image of Jake Pavelka - ABC - The Bachelor - All Rights Reserved)

Jake claims he dumped Vienna over the phone because of his upcoming role on TV's Drop Dead Diva.  Remind me not to watch that episode because I am totally over Jake. Not to mention how insensitive it is to dump someone over the phone.

OK, well I love Drop Dead Diva so maybe I'll just speed through his segments to avoid seeing him.

Meanwhile Vienna is claiming she dumped Jake because he's avoided all intimate contact for quite some time and is mean to her.  She also has a new flirtation with a real bona fide actor instead of a wannabe like Jake.

Sheesh.  Somebody had to write this drama for them.  Could all this craziness be real?  Is this a new ploy by The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise to keep attention on the series by drumming up lots of post-show drama?

While all the he said/she said continues to swirl in the media, new rumors bubble up to the surface.  The latest includes Vienna posing nude in Playboy and Jake in Playgirl.  Seriously?

Jakenna claims that each one of them are  fame whores who would do just about anything to remain in the public eye.

The couple, whether split up or still secretly together, are walking a fine line.  Look what happened to Tom Cruise and Knight and Day.  The movie tanked at the box office and many are pointing to his methodical destruction of his brand from ongoing bizarre behaviors played out in the press.

Which should serve as a warning to Jakenna before they destroy their fragile reality star fame hold.

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