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Jake Pavelka And Vienna Deemed Boring By 70% Of People

OK Magazine does this part in the reality TV world by posting polls.  They recently asked their readers if the feuding Bachelor couple Jake Pavelka and/or Vienna Girardi would be enjoyable to watch on the new ABC Bachelor Pad.  They asked if people wanted to see Just Jake, Just Vienna or Neither.

(Image of Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka - - All Rights Reserved)

You guessed it.  70% of the respondents said they didn't want to see either Jake or Vienna because they both boring.

Although Jake is scheduled to visit The Bachelor Pad many people may just fast forward through his televised visit.  I know I'm going to.

Note to ABC - you may want to consider cutting out Jake's segment to avoid losing viewers.

Ouch!  Supposedly the reason Jake and Vienna had an atomic meltdown on ABC recently was because they were both jealous of each other's budding careers.

Really?  After the he said/she said TV spectacular any fans they had took a step back because the couple showed their dark sides.

Many PR experts believe Jake has taken a major hit following the televised break-up with Vienna.  Especially in light of the fact that the fans of The Bachelor were very vocal about their disapproval of selecting Vienna in the first place.

Although Jake who believed he won new fans on ABC's Dancing With The Stars is said to be shopping a talk show or some other daytime gig experts believe it will be a miracle if it happens.

One expert said America is fed up with Jake and want him to just "go away" forever.

(Image of Bachelorette Ali with Bachelor Jake Pavelka - - All Rights Reserved)

“He dug himself a big hole,” Vinnie Potestivo, reality casting director and producer of Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment, which has had a hand in casting “The Hills” and “The Real World,” told Life & Style. “I don’t foresee him being a romantic lead any time soon.”

“The shelf life of a 'Bachelor' is only as long as it takes for the next one to come along,” said Ryan Schinman, CEO of the talent-branding agency Platinum Rye Entertainment. “It’s hard to maintain momentum, and I don’t think he did himself any favors with the Vienna interview.”

(Image of Ryan and Trista Sutter - America's Sweethearts - - All Rights Reserved)

And what do two former 'Bachelorettes' have to say about Jake?  “It’s hard for anyone who started on a reality show to be taken seriously as an actor,” Trista Sutter told Life & Style. Jen Schefft agrees: “Just as I’ll always be known as Jen from ‘The Bachelorette,’ he’ll always be Jake from ‘The Bachelor.’"

My thoughts exactly.  We all know that gentlemen never kiss and tell.  Jake would have probably been better off to keep quiet about the break-up with Vienna.

What do you think?  Will Jake ever rise from the Vienna ashes?

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