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Does Mariah Carey Have A Mustache?

Mariah Carey is a dichotomy.  She appears to be all glitz and glamour, the ultimate Diva.  That is, until she gets serious about her acting career and is willing to dump her glitter and sequins to take on a mantle of, in her own words "hideosity"to play a part in the movie 'Precious'.

(Image of Mariah Carey as Mrs. Weiss in the film 'Precious' - Lion Gate Entertainment - All Rights Reserved)

Not only did Mariah appear so frumpy in the film, she was virtually unrecognizable to the point of looking like she had facial hair in the form of a mustache.  Indeed, she was truly a dowdy, unglamorous social worker who overcame her last flop, 'Glitter' by acting her heart out.

Mariah put aside her famous vanity and put the character she played first.  Not only did she show she can act, the buzz is that she may even get an Oscar nomination.    Mariah literally traded sequins for cheesecloth shirts and skipped her normal make-up for her true self.

And while "hideosity" is how Mariah describes it, the critics seem to feel the opposite. "I am glad people are telling me they don't recognise me," she has said of her turn as a frump. "But when it comes to my scenes, I get like, 'Oh, I don't know if I can look.'"

Mariah truly put it all on the line for her role.  She had to face the world without her regular hair, beauty and fashion stylists.

But did Mariah really have a mustache?

"Do I look like I have a moustache?" she said during an interview. "I'm not very hairy."  Regardless, her role in Precious has opened a lot of future doors for the star, whether she really has a mustache or not.

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