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Hair Texture Temptress

Paul Mitchell National Educator Sunnie Brook Jones was the brilliant hair master behind the new "Damsels in Dis-Tress" collection creating the ultimate hair texture temptress.


The gorgeous hair temptress shown to the side can be re-created by following the steps detailed below.


1.  Part hair down the middle and prep with Paul Mitchell® Quick SlipTM to give hair memory and brilliant shine.

2.  Smooth small sections of hair with Paul Mitchell Pro ToolsTM Express Ion Style® 1.0.

3.  Spray Paul Mitchell® Spray WaxTM on hands and finger rake through hair.

4.  Place hair netting vertically in narrow sections around the head and clip each side in place.

5.  Use a crochet hook to pull hair through the netting, creating a loop following all the way around the head.

6.  Spray with Paul Mitchell® Extra-Body Firm Finishing SprayTM and allow hair to set.

7.  Use Paul Mitchell Pro ToolsTM Express Ion Style® 1.0 iron to flatten loops

8.  Gently remove netting and finish with Paul Mitchell® Extra-Body Firm Finishing SprayTM.


Hair: Sunnie Brook Jones, Paul Mitchell National Educator

Hair Assistants: Jo Jo Chavez and Tawny Lopez

Makeup: Daven Mayeda for the Powder Group

Wardrobe: Sarah Elllis

Photography: Kim Grisco

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