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Icy Blonde Temptress Of Hair Texture

Icy Blonde Temptress Of Hair Texture

Damsels In Dis-Tress - John Paul Mitchell Systems National Educator Sunnie Brook Jones Shares her ultimate Collection of Moody Temptresses of Hair Texture.

Sunnie Brook Jones makes a strong head case for putting on the pout for Spring and Summer 2009.  The new “Damsels in Dis-Tress” collection plays with texture on top of icy blonde tresses.


To recreate this Icy Blonde Hairstyle follow the steps below.


1.  Prep hair with Paul Mitchell® Worked Up®, spraying horizontal 1-inch sections.

2.  Starting in the back bottom, take horizontal sections about an inch wide.

3.  Spray with Paul Mitchell® Extra-Body Finishing Spray® and lay on top of foil. Place another foil on top.

4.  Clip the top of foils and hair to hold in place.

5.  Gently fold foils back and forth creating an accordion.

6.  Tap with Paul Mitchell Pro ToolsTM Express Ion Smooth® 1.25 iron to create texture in the hair.

7.  Let the foil cool before removing.

8.  Continue to use the foil technique up the head.

9.  When finished, remove foils and gently brush with 413 Sculpting Brush.

10. Create desired shape and finish with Paul Mitchell® Extra-Body Firm Finishing SprayTM.


Hair: Sunnie Brook Jones, Paul Mitchell National Educator

Hair Assistants: Jo Jo Chavez and Tawny Lopez

Makeup: Daven Mayeda for the Powder Group

Wardrobe: Sarah Elllis

Photography: Kim Grisco

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