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Is K-Y Jelly Good For Curly Hair?

Image by Pouriya Kafaei - Unsplash

It may seem like a very weird and wacky solution for curly hair, but the famous aroma-free vaginal lubricant works like a charm for some curlies.

Yes.  It's true; some naturals do swear by this curly hair hack as a useful hair gel.  Fans of the hack say it prevents frizz while supporting curls.

Instead of the usual hair gel, wavies, curlies, and coilies who use this water-based lubricant as a styler may achieve great results. While it may seem intriguing, why not test this out for yourself if you have textured hair?

K-Y Jelly simply contains a mixture of glycerin and water. Glycerine is an ingredient famous for its humectant properties.  It helps maintain moisture and softness.

For natural wavies, curlies, or coilies who follow the famed Curly Girl Method, less is more.  Especially when it comes to chemical ingredients.

Tightly Coiled Kinks - Image by Justin Essah

How To Use Lube On Your Waves, Curls, Coils, Or Kinks?

Start with hair that has been blotted with microfiber cloths but is still damp.

Depending on the length, thickness, and amount of gel you normally use, start with two dollops of lube.

Apply it to the palms of your hands. Rub the palms together.

Then scrunch, scrunch, scrunch it into the strands from below the crown down to the ends of the strands.   Although the product is thick, it's easy to spread and isn't sticky. A little bit goes a long way. Let your hair air dry.

The KY Jelly not only helps to shape waves, curls, coils, and kinks, it can keep them springy and bouncy on hot days.  Remember to use as little lube as necessary to avoid strands getting too crunchy, which can happen with any hair gel.

Summary - Is K-Y Jelly Good For Curly Hair?

Does this hack work for all textured strands?  No, but then no hair hack or product works for all people with all hair types all the time.

Tyler HixMileage may vary (YMMV).

Be sure to test the lube on a small area of your skin and hair first before you go crazy.  Should you use this hack?

If you decide to try it and you like it better than your other styling products, why not?

One consideration is the price. Is the K-Y Jelly a better investment than other hair gels?

Whether you use it or not, it's a great hack to know about.

Especially if don't have access to other products or prefer a super short ingredient list.

It might not work for some naturals, but if it works for you, it's a great hack to have.

Best wishes.

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