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Actor Jon Cryer Begged His Wife To Urinate On Him

Jon Cryer of the hit CBS series, Two and a Half Men stopped by recently to visit with Ellen DeGeneres.  Ellen congratulated Jon on his recent marriage and of course Jon congratulated Ellen on hers to Portia.

Ellen then showed a photo of Jon on a recent Red Carpet with his wife, who is a gorgeous blonde.

(Image to the side of actor Jon Cryer - AND A HALF MEN - Photo: E.J. CAMP/CBS ©2003 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved)

When asked about their honeymoon, Jon mentioned that he had gone to Fiji with his new wife.  Which Jon said "is spectacular."  He told Ellen "Fiji now has its own national airline.  It's called Air Pacific, although it sounds like a fake airline, an airline from a movie."  Then Jon did a take off of a faux movie clip and filled in the blanks with "you've gotta save him, he's on Air Pacific" to demonstrate how Air Pacific sounds like something right out of the movies.

Jon told Ellen Air Pacific "is new, so the flight attendants don't, they're not cool's like they picked up natives from Fiji and just put them on board so they're super sweet and uh you know I walked on and apparently the show (Two and a Half Men) plays down in Fiji and so they freaked out when I cam on the plane.  Usually if you fly American or Virgin they're very cool... 'Welcome Mr. Cryer please have a seat' but on Fiji (Air Pacific) they were like 'oh my god it's Three Men And A Baby'".

Jon continued "I said no that's Steve Guttenberg, but thank you.  But it's so sweet.  But literally everyone from Fiji made that mistake and called the show Three Men And A Baby." Ellen said "oh well at least they know you're somebody.  Look at the good side.  I'm trying to find something there."

When Ellen asked Jon what he did on his honeymoon such as snorkeling or similar, Jon said "Oh yes, well, it was amazing.  The resort we were at was actually on a private island, which was amazing, so there was like eight people at the resort when we got there and then they all checked out.  So the whole place was just us.  Which was amazing."

Jon continued "and at one point I wanted to go scuba diving and so I talked to the guys in charge of that and that said 'oh you know, today is a bad day for that, it's a bad day to go scuba diving.' I was just like, they thought they had a day off and then they saw us walk down the beach and thought oh darn we're going to have to do it."

Jon said they told him there were lots of jelly fish and he was like "it's scuba diving, there's sharks...hopefully. Yeah, jelly fish, yeah whatever."

After the resort guys told them no on the scuba diving, he decided to go with his wife to their own private beach area and go snorkeling.  At that point Ellen showed a photo of Jon walking into the ocean on the resort in the Fiji Islands.  Jon said about the photo "that's me heading into the water and into the vast cloud of Jellyfish that set upon me."

Jon said "I would like to show you me after I came out of the water."  A photo of Jon was shown standing on the beach holding his bathing suit in front of himself.  Ellen said "they (the jellyfish) stole your bathing suit?"

Jon Begged His Wife To Urinate On Him

Jon said "yes, a gang of mean jellyfish (stole his suit)."  Jon was kidding and continued "it was awesome, it was so beautiful and the ocean was warm, like soup.  The water is hot like soup.  I'm burning!!!! I'm on fire.  Why am I on fire?  And I realized I had swum into a whole cloud of Jellyfish and I ran up on the beach, tearing off my clothes as you can see, and of course begging my wife to urinate on me (some think this is a way to treat Jelllyfish stings)."

At that point Ellen gave Jon a really strange look, which she is famous for.  The audience laughed and applauded based on Ellen's look at Jon who had just discussed asking his wife to urinate on him.

Jon said "apparently that is actually a myth.  Actually just water works."  Ellen and Jon said you don't have to have anyone urinate on you to cure the stings of Jellyfish.

Note: Vinegar will also help with Jellyfish stings.

The moral to the story?  Jon said is someone warns you the ocean is full of jellyfish, believe them and don't go in.

To read about Jellyfish stings please refer to:

Jellyfish Stings

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