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Is Ashton Kutcher Going Bald?

Ashton Kutcher With Combdown Fringe

Is Ashton Kutcher Going Bald?

You might think Ashton Kutcher is too young to be dealing with hair loss, but on February 7th of 2012 he turns 34.  Many people in their early to mid-30s deal with a receding hairline.

In 2004 several noteworthy tabloids reported that Ashton's trademark mop of floppy hair as Michael Kelso in That '70s Show was quickly receding.  2004 was seven years ago.   Which generates the question, is Ashton Kutcher going bald?

InTouch Magazine in their October 18, 2004 issue went so far as to feature Before and After photos of Kutcher with his famous thick mop and a much shorter cut showing a definite difference in his hairline.

InTouch pointed out that Kutcher was allegedly devastasted by the loss.  They also noted that around the time of the reported receding hairline he started wearing his trademark beanies, bandanas and baseball cap.

Yes, he looked very fashion forward, but was their an ulterior reason for the edgy headgear?

Ironically the media is focused currently on the obvious weight loss of wife Demi Moore due to their rumored marriage issues, but is not reporting anything about Ashton's hair issues.

Ashton Kutcher Wearing Floppy Hair With Jon Cryer

If you watch Kutcher on Two and A Half Men it doesn't appear that he's hair challenged.  In fact, with the added long beard and long hair throughout the ends, he seems more hair endowed than ever before.

Of course in Hollywood nothing is ever as it seems.  A good friend who has worked as the hairstylist on many TV series has confirmed in the past that many of the male celebrities wear hair extensions, lace front wigs or a combination of hair extending options.

If would be relatively easily to extend the length of Ashton's natural hair to give him that long lush look even if his hairline is receding.

That could also be fixed with spot extensions or by directing his hair down into a longer fringe known as a comb down.

Although Ashton has been outspoken on Twitter in the past don't expect him to be discussing his true hair situation anytime soon.

Will we ever know if he's going bald?  Probably not.  In this case, only his hairdresser knows for sure.

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