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Hollywood Red Hair

Hollywood Red Hair

KM_0005_250h Hollywood Red Hair by Pasquale Caselle for - All Rights Reserved

Artistic Educator for IT&LY HAIRFASHION and celebrity stylist Pasquale Caselle is a genius at creating spectacular red hues. The gorgeous colors are perfectly in tune with the hot Hollywood Red Hair movement for 2014.

“Red is now popular more than ever because it provides a WOW factor to your look,” explains celebrity stylist Pasquale Caselle of IT&LY Hairfashion. “Red is a bold, confident, and statement-making.  Red is empowering as it stands out in a crowd. It's also sophisticated and sultry.”

Hollywood Red Head - The Inspiration

Artistic Educator for IT&LY HAIRFASHION, Pasquale Caselle produced a spectacular photo shoot which utilized the looks of Hollywood past with Hollywood present.

KM_00999_250h Hollywood Red Hair by Pasquale Caselle for ItalyHairFashion - All Rights Reserved

In the shoot Pasquale presented his Hollywood Red Head collection with two stunning hair looks.

His work brilliantly depicts the importance of great hair color to capture each of the two spectacular hair designs.

Hollywood Red Head - Model Kelly

The inspiration for his first look for Model Kelly was to create something to bring out the dramatic hair looks of Hollywood past with the glamour of today while showcasing the gorgeous red hues.

The Color Formula - Hollywood Red Head

On a level 6 base, use IT&LY HAIRFASHION'S AQUAR&LY 8A (Light Orange Blonde) mixed with 20 volume AQUAR&LY Developer to create this dynamic and sultry Hollywood red head.

KM_000088_250h Hollywood Red Hair by Pasquale Caselle for ItalyHairFashion - All Rights Reserved

Style # 1 How to Achieve the Look

Follow the steps below to re-create Kelly's hairstyle:

1.After gently towel drying Kelly's freshly washed hair, apply Pure Fluid Experience to damp strands to help create luscious volume.

2. Separate hair into individual 2" sections.

3. Use a medium round brush in combination with a blow dryer to create bend throughout the hair with loose curls at the ends.

4. After the entire head is 100% dry, use a long tail comb to create the desired side part.

5. Lift individual sections of hair along the roots and lightly back brush to create added lift. Smooth teased hair with a soft brush.

6. Create loose curls with a wide barrel curling iron along the ends. After ironing each section, re-roll and pin to the scalp with bobby pins

to allow hair to cool and set.

7. When the entire head has been curled, rerolled, cool and set, direct a light blast of cool/cold air from the blow dryer to extend life of curls.

8. Loosely shake & finger pick the waves into place along the perimeter of the hairstyle.  Use Pure Water Drops on the ends to add shine and definition of the loose curls.

To finish this gorgeous hairstyle, spray lightly with Pure Definition Aerosol Spray.

KM_0022_250h Hollywood Red Hair by Pasquale Caselle for ItalyHairFashion - All Rights Reserved

Style # 2 How to Achieve The Updo Look

1. Start with 100% dry hair which has been curled with an iron to create loose curls along the edges.

2. Back comb or back brush the entire head from roots to end. This will create lush volume and a solid base for this up-do.

3. Apply Pure Water Drops on the ends to create a bit of definition with the curls.

4. Spray the entire head with Pure Definition Aerosol Spray.

5. Manipulate the hair up towards the crown using fingers or a brush.

6. Work the hair up into an updo, yet not too tight to create a deconstructed look.

7. Secure the finished updo with strategically placed bobby pins.

8. Finish with Pure Definition Aerosol Spray.

About Hairstylist Pasquale Caselle

RedUpdo-27_250h Hollywood Red Hair by Pasquale Caselle for ItalyHairFashion - All Rights Reserved

Born and raised in Toronto, Pasquale (@hairbypasquale) received his training in Toronto and then moved to Italy. He has traveled the world doing his work in Italy, the Caribbean and North America.

He's served as the creative director for numerous salons internationally. He was instrumental in the planning and marketing of all aspects of salon operations, staff training as well as development. He has also been responsible for marketing a new line of hair related products.

He is a renowned for his artistic and platform work with IT&LY HAIRFASHION along with editorial work.  His high profile clientele constantly keeps him jet setting. He has come to consider himself a citizen of the world.

About IT&LY Hairfashion N.A., Inc.

In 1989, IT&LY Hairfashion N.A., Inc. began its mission to create a company that would manufacture and distribute the finest quality, professional haircolor products. These products would include complete haircolor systems from the initial cut & color to unique after-color products that would be guaranteed to extend the "just colored" look, feel and condition of your clients' hair.

The famous slogan of IT&LY Hairfashion N.A., Inc.  is "Dedicated to the Future of Beauty in the World."

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