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Joaquin Phoenix Parting Not Sweet Sorrow In Hollywood

Joaquin Phoenix has morphed from an Oscar award winning actor into one of the biggest jokes in Hollywood.

Why has this happened?

First of all Joaquin (who was originally named Leaf) is known for his erratic interest in the acting profession.

(Image of Joaquin Phoenix - David Letterman - 2009)

Recently he announced to a stunned world he was leaving acting and would dedicate himself to a career in Hip Hop.

Hollywood, always looking for a good joke, embraced Joaquin's announcement that he was quitting acting with a series of jokes including those directed at him by David Letterman on his show.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has shown an image of Joaquin covered in what appeared to be hair from his head to his toe with the white chalk marks that only Perez can provide.

At the 2009 Spirit Awards held in Santa Monica where the cool Hollywood kids hung out drinking Mumm California sparkling (yum), play and hug all their favs both on and off the stage.

Yes, Rainn Wilson did a crazy spoof on Mickey Rourke's gambler but Teri Hatcher sang (what was that all about) but one of the biggest spoofs of the evening was of Joaquin Phoenix.

Ditto for the Academy Awards.  Ben Stiller did an imitation of Phoenix's famous performance on David Letterman and also appeared to be covered in hair from head to toe.

It appears Hollywood is as happy to see Joaquin leave the acting profession as he is happy to leave.  Which triggers some bigger questions.  Will Joaquin be welcomed with open arms into the Rapper community or will they kick him to the curb?

If memory serves, there was another famous actor who left acting to go into wrestling where he was physically pummelled until he decided to go back to Hollywood.  The name of that comeback kid?  Mickey Rourke.

(Image of Co-Presenters Ben Stiller with Natalie Portman at the 2009 Academy Awards with Ben Stiller spoofing Joaquin Phoenix).

Is Joaquin Phoenix the next big comeback kid?

It appears with all the recent jokes and spoofs directed at Joaquin that Hollywood is not sorry to see him go.  In fact, if anything they want him to leave.

In the meantime, expect to see more jokes directed at Joaquin until he either completely disappears or makes the appropriate amends to his fellow actors.

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