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Amazing Beachy Waves

Amazing Beachy Waves

DSC_0088_250h Hair by Pasquale Caselle - For IT&LY HAIRFASHION - Copyright - All Rights Reserved

Hairstyles, hair textures and lengths always cycle through fashion. Amazing beachy waves never really go out of style.

The reason amazing beachy waves are always popular is because they're sassy, sexy, sensational and go with every possible fashion.

Whether you create amazing beachy waves with an array of styling products and hot tools or go with a wet set, the end result is fabulous.

This blog provides details on how to create amazing beachy waves utilizing hot tools.

Step by Step Tips For Getting Amazing Beachy Waves

Although this hairstyle can be created on any type, texture or length of hair, it works best with shoulder length or longer hair which is naturally textured and medium thick.

If your hair is naturally thin/fine or above the shoulders in length, you may wish to consider enhancing your hair with clip-in 100% human hair extensions which can be heat styled into the desired beachy waves.

Great Amazing Beachy Wave Steps:

DSC-0085_250h Hair by Pasquale Caselle - For IT&LY HAIRFASHION - Copyright - All Rights Reserved

Follow the steps below to style:

1. Wet cleanse de-tangled pre-conditioned hair in lukewarm water with a custom formulation designed for your individual hair  type, texture and condition. Depending upon the condition of your hair, you may wish to wet wash with a Diluted Shampoo (DS) wash, a Conditioner Only Wash (CO Wash), a Water Only (WO) wash or a low or no poo cleanse.

2. After cleansing one time, rinse formula completely from hair. Gently squeeze out excess water with fingers in an accordion style moving around your head from side to side.

3. If appropriate for your hair type and texture, apply rinse-out conditioner with good slip to wet strands from top of ears down to the ends (avoid the roots).

4. Use fingers or a hair friendly wide-tooth comb to detangle individual 2″ horizontal sections working from ends to the roots.

DSC_0041_250h Hair by Pasquale Caselle - For IT&LY HAIRFASHION - Copyright - All Rights Reserved

5. After hair is completely detangled rinse well and finish with a cool or cold wash to add shine and close the hair cuticle.

6. Towel blot hair completely to remove excess water leaving hair damp, but not dripping. Do not rub hair.

7. Apply styling cocktail consisting of wave-enhancing leave-in conditioner, defrisant and a volume enhancing whipped mouse or similar volume enhancing product. Be sure to distribute styling cocktail with fingers or wide tooth comb for even coverage through hair.  For extra volume built into the roots add a root lift to damp hair.

8. Flip head over and blow dry hair on the underside of your head to add maximum volume to the roots.

9. When underneath of hair is 100 dry, flip head back over at the waist.  Finish drying the top and front of the hair.

Note:  For additional volume at the top, direct heat at root area and use on base placement.

10. Continue to blow dry top of hair.  As each section is dry twist large sections of hair around your finger starting at the bottom and twisting until there is tension. Pin to the scalp and let rest of hair air dry.

11. Separate hair into four equal sections.

12. Apply light hold hairspray directly onto hair about 3 inches down from the roots and 3 inches from the ends.

DSC_0082-11_250h Hair by Pasquale Caselle - For IT&LY HAIRFASHION - Copyright - All Rights Reserved

Note:  Heat the curling iron at least 3 minutes to heat fully before curling your hair.  Before curling hair with an iron, make sure your hair is completely dry.  Make sure your hair is free of tangles and knots before curling.

13. Position a 1 1/2" curling iron around the hair approximately 3 inches from the roots. Wrap medium sized sections of hair around the barrel. Be sure to stay away from the ends. To achieve amazing beachy waves, keep the very ends straight. Hold the hair in place around the iron for approximately 10 seconds, and then release the curling iron.

14. After curling each section, re-roll around fingers and pin to the scalp to cool and set completely.

15. Continue working around the head until all of the hair is curled, repinned, cool and set.

16. Apply a light hold hairspray all over the pinned curls. Blast hair with blow dryer set on coolest setting to help set curls and waves.

17. Unpin all of the curls.

18. Use fingers to tousle and deconstruct into waves. Use fingers or boar bristle brush to direct hair up and off the face.

DSC_0038_250h Hair by Pasquale Caselle - For IT&LY HAIRFASHION - Copyright - All Rights Reserved

Summary Amazing Beachy Waves

Finish off by gently flipping your head upside down and gently hairspray all of your hair.  Flip your head back over and now you will have a fabulous sensational sexy style.

Whether you go with subdued waves are amp them up with lots of root lift and volume, amazing beachy waves will always turn heads.

About Hairstylist Pasquale Caselle

Born and raised in Toronto, Pasquale (@hairbypasquale) received his training in Toronto and then moved to Italy. He has traveled the world doing his work in Italy, the Caribbean and North America.

He has served as the creative director for numerous salons internationally and was instrumental in the planning and marketing of all aspects of salon operations, staff training and development as well as marketing a new line of hair related products.

He is a renowned for his artistic and platform work with IT&LY HAIRFASHION along with editorial work.  His high profile clientele constantly keeps him jet setting. He has come to consider himself a citizen of the world.

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