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Ali Larters Hair Bump

AliLarter-10_250h Ali Larter - Pampers Celebrates Fun Morning Moments at Children's Museum of Manhattan on August 20, 2014 - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

Ali Larters Hair Bump

The latest edition of Ali Larters Hair Bump was spotted on Wednesday at the Pampers diaper brand teal-carpet event.  Ali was attending an event dedicated to mommy and baby bonding.

Ali's three year old son Theodore is a proud member of the Pampers set.

Not only was the 38-year-old Heroes star wearing a gorgeous side-pony softly bumped up hairstyle, she was showcasing her latest baby bump in the very chic fashion we've come to expect from the beautiful blonde.

Ali-14_250h Ali Larter - Pampers Celebrates Fun Morning Moments at Children's Museum of Manhattan on August 20, 2014 - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

If any female celebrity knows how to look amazing while pregnant, it's Ali Larter.

The former Legally Blonde star recently announced she's expecting her second child with Hayes MacArther, her hubby of five years.

Ali was photographed wearing a stunning figure-revealing black and light chocolate color-block dress.  Her outfit  showcased her latest bump creation and beautifully offset her blonde tresses.

She accessorized with a matching light chocolate cardigan, elegant black pointed heels, a stunning silver necklace and a polka-dot diaper bag gifted to her by Pampers.

How To Re-create Ali Larter's Hair Bump

This hairstyle works best on hair which is shoulder length or longer, medium to thick and either naturally straight or pre-straightened.

AliCarter-15_250h Ali Larter - The Art Of Elysium's 3rd Annual "Heaven" Black Tie Charity Gala - Arrivals - Venue & Location: 9900 Wilshire Blvd / Beverly Hills, CA. USA - 1/16/2010 - Photographer: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

Any hair type or texture can be modified to be styled into this look.

Follow the steps listed below to re-create Ali Larter's soft sexy hair bumped side-pony:

1. Start with newly wet-washed or dry-washed completely detangled hair which is 100% dry and prepped with appropriate styling products such as mousse, styling cream or similar.

2. Use a tail comb to create the desired side part from the rest of the hair. Ali has a right side part, but a left part is appropriate for this look.

3. Separate hair into individual 2" sections.

4. Use a large barrel 2" curling iron to curl individual sections of hair. Work from around the perimeter of your head to create a consistent result.

5. After curling each section of hair, reform the curl and pin against the scalp with a bobby pin to cool and set.

6. Remove pins when all of the hair has been completely curled, re-pinned, cooled and set.  It's best to do this right before leaving the house.

7. Use fingers to break up curls.  Use a 100% boar bristle brush or finger pick hair until all of the curls and waves are integrated.

8. Take a boar bristle paddle style brush and direct top hair up and over to one side opposite from the part.

AliLarterTNT-16_250h ALI LARTER - TNT - "Chemistry" – Wednesday, Aug. 20, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) - Show - Legends - Episode #101 - Photographer DOUG HYUN - TNT - All Rights Reserved

Note:  If you want more height to build in a bigger hair bump, separate out strands. Back brush until desired height has been created.  Use fingers to smooth back brushed hair back over the top.

9. Smooth all hair to one side and gather into a side pony.  Use fingers to gently push hair up towards crown to create bump.  Capture side pony at the neck level. Secure with a hair friendly plastic band in the same color as your hair. Use fingers to gently lift top hair to desired profile.

10. Finish by spraying a light hairspray or shine serum into the palms of your hands. Massage together and lightly swipe over the top of your finished hairstyle.

Summary - Ali Larters Hair Bump

Besides starring on the teal Pampers carpet, Ali is currently starring opposite Sean Bean in TNT's new series 'Legends.'

Bean plays an undercover F.B.I op with major issues and Larter is his handler who has to reel him in. 'Legends' airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT (Aug. 19) AP.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for Ali Larter' s latest array of hair bumps and chic pregnancy fashions.

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