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Baby Bump Is Out For 2012

Jessica Simpson 2011 Baby Bump

Baby Bump Is Out For 2012

The commonly used Baby Bump has officially fallen out of favor.  It was included on the Lake Superior State University 2012 List of Banished Words.

As reported by CNN the northern Michigan school released its 37th annual list of words and phrases that it believes should be forever "banished" from the English language.

Although the list focuses on current slang and related media words, some of the classics also make the list.

Should Baby Bump Be Banished?

And yes, the list includes commonly used words such as baby bump. Why the complaints about baby bump?

The term which is used to describe a pregnant woman's baby embellished rounded belly has become linked with popular celebrity accessories.  In fact, at the 2011 Golden Globes and Oscars Red Carpet so many female celebrities were pregnant that Guiliana Rancic deemed it the hottest new accessory.

List Of Recommended Words For Banishment

How does the school get their list of recommended words?  Lake Superior State University in Sault Sainte Marie on the Canadian border solicites people online to nominate terms they consider tired, overused or simply annoying.

Anderson Cooper

Based on those submissions, the judges at the school decided to put the following on this year's chopping block: "amazing," "baby bump," "shared sacrifice," "occupy," "blowback," "man cave," "ginormous" and "the new normal."

In their minds nothing could be worse than amazing baby bump or ginormous man cave or a combination of the other words.

It's very interesting to see baby bump make the list because in the world of celebrities it is a commonly used media splash word.

Pet Parents, Win The Future, Thank You In Advance

Other words which have been unofficially sentenced to exile for excessive and inappropriate use include  "Pet parent," "win the future," "trickeration" and "thank you in advance" also have been unofficially sentenced to linguistic exile for the crimes of excessive and inappropriate usage, according to .


The word "amazing" is currently considered to be one of the most overused adjectives in the English language and topped the list of submissions according to the university.  To demonstrate it's blatant overuse it was pointed out by people submitting annoying words that Anderson Cooper uses it a lot.  In fact, one person commenting noted that Anderson used it three times in the opening 45 seconds of his program.

Banish The Man Cave

Some men are offended by the hot new man cave term.  Apparently it's taken on a whole new meaning which can be offensive to some men who view it as a room filled with large flat-screen TVs blaring sports or porn with remote holsters, coolers stuffed with beer, large stuffed animal heads and ginormous recliners.  Oops, there's that other annoying word - ginormous.

"Ginormous", according to feedback received by the university, seemed particularly irritating.  Many contributors of the word complained that its usage shows a lack of proper education and was offensive.   Some claimed that the use of ginormous had a ring of high school drop-out language.

Word Banishment List History

Lake Superior State University's annual "word banishment" list was first created at a New Year's Eve party in 1975. The school now claims to receive tens of thousands of nominations every year.

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