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Hair Styling Competitions

Introduction - Hair Styling Competitions

Hair Styling Services Hair Styling Services

Every Fall the Minnesota State InSalon student stylists hairs tyling competitions take place.

The prestigious hair styling competitions at the college draw about 80 competitors from private cosmetology schools and technical colleges in the Minnesota area.

They also draw competitors from over a four-state region. In 2012 the competition was held on October 14, 2012.

Note:  For more information about this cosmetology competition held every Fall check out the Minnesota West Community & Technical College website under cosmetology.

Benefits Of Submitting Hair Work In Competitions

Submitting your hair styling work in a competition is always a great way to build up your self confidence in your hairstyling skills, get a peek at what the competition is doing and gauge your progress in your hair styling craft.

The competition has certain entrance requirements which can be checked before entering.  There are several categories of hair cutting, coloring and styling which can be entered.

Competition for the awards is intense due to a number of factors including offering an edge when competing for jobs after cosmetology school is finished.  Also, there are some nice cash  prizes and trophies or medals.

Prizes included $250, $150 and $75 scholarships for first through third places.

Some of the categories include Men's Cut, Color and Style as well as Most Creative Fashion.  There is also a Women's Evening Look category. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

Hair Cutting Hair Cutting

Students must develop an original style for the competition, provide a model and complete the styling within a given time frame. They generally know what they are going to do and have practiced the style. Any hair coloring is done in advance.

Cosmetology school students and their instructors will plan for their attendance in the competition.  Being prepared with plans for the types of hair work you are going to submit is key for getting a jump on other competitors who are not as well prepared.

Some students and their instructors plan and practice for up to two months before the competition.  Others work from custom photos or hairstyles they like and fine tune recreation of the style.

Several cosmetology schools in the four state area send a team of stylists to compete for the prizes and the prestige of winning a hair styling competition.

Competition Challenges

There are many challenges to the competition.  One common challenge is nerves.  The competitors have to avoid looking at what the other contestants are doing it or it can unnerve them or make then worried they aren't living up to the hairstyling bar.   Shaking hands can also be an issue.

cuttinghair-5_250hAnother challenge is finding the right hair models.   This can be especially true of the hair color or ethnic styling challenges.  A shortage of models willing to have their hair colored or with the proper ethnic hair can make it difficult to practice.

Although mannequin heads will work, it's much better to practice on real live models, since that is what the competition requires.  Since all ethnic hair is different, it can be more challenging to master without lots of practice.

Summary - Hair Styling Competitions

Whether you're a cosmetology student or a seasoned hair professional, entering your work into hair competitions judged by other hair experts is a great way to gauge your skill levels in the world of hair.

There are many types of hair styling competitions available to a wide range of stylists ranging from the student competition held every Fall at Minnesota West's Community & Technical College to the big time hair competitions held every year in Las Vegas.

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