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Celeb Hairdresser Kim Vo Returns For Third Season Of Bravo's Shear Genius

Internationally known celebrity hairdresser Kim Vo, who is famous for his hair color expertise in the blonding arena is the only alumni from Bravo's "Shear Genuis" season two to return.

During a media call today, Kim (along with the show's new hostess, Camila Alves) was charming, witty and full of great information about the upcoming show which returns on February 3rd.

(Image of Kim Vo - Bravo - Shear Genius - All Rights Reserved)

I always wondered if Kim was as chatty, friendly and fun loving in person as he was on last season's Shear Genius.  The answer?  He is.

Kim graciously provided his thoughts about the upcoming "Shear Genius" season including the scoop that the show has "turned up the heat" and is much more grounded in "real life" situations that real celebrity hairdressers face in their day to day lives.

Kim confirmed, don't expect any haircuts performed with standard issue box cutters.  Instead, expect an International cast of 12 very highly skilled hairdressers from the US, England, Australia and Canada.

Kim also shared that some "amazing" guest judges such as Oribe, Tabitha and Ken Paves (a long time friend of mine) would be visiting the show over the course of the season.

Kim favorite contestants and visiting judges?  All of them, although he did confess to really enjoying working with the "very smooth" Oribe (long time hairdresser for Jennifer Lopez) and Ken Paves who is "a real firecracker."

Kim explained that "we definitely had some characters" on the show in a variety of roles, but ultimately it was "really fun, really entertaining" but provided a very "balanced show containing entertainment as well as real work done by real hairdressers."

Kim also gave kudos to Orlando Pita "an iconic hairdresser" who acts as a mentor to the contestants throughout the entire competition.

This third season of the popular show has been revamped in a number of ways from including International hairdressers to taking place in a brand new salon and including some great new competitions which showcase "high Hollywood Glamour."

It really brings awareness of "day to day" life and while there is "definitely drama" it doesn't get in the way of the true message of the show which is a serious hair competition.

Of course Kim pointed out, the show does revolve around a "lot of hairdresser" and "all hairdressers are crazy" in their own way.   Which only adds to the show's entertainment value.

And yes, Kim confessed "there are some definite egos that show themselves" but in a sense having the egos actually helps the hairdressing contestants "shake them up to do their best work."  Afterall, Kim states "in the hair world, you don't fake it to make it."

With all the fun, egos, big celebrity judge and guest names, Kim noted the show did a great job of keeping a focus on real life hair and providing great work for hairdressers and consumers to learn new hair styling tips and techniques.

Many of the challenges were fascinating and Kim expressed his appreciation for the "romantic book cover" challenge.  Actually Kim said the reason that particular challenge was "his favorite" was because the contestants had to think outside the box and really testing their hairdressing skills.

Kim said all of the participants were "thrown into" a proverbial "big pond" and they either had to sink or do some really great hair.

Kim noted that the challenges for Season Three were another differentiation from previous seasons.  Although Kim was quick to point out how fabulous the first and second season of "Shear Genius" was, he explained that this upcoming season really stepped up the level and quality of the competitions.

The hardest part of being on the show for Kim besides the very long shooting schedule?  Kim said that as the season progresses you had to watch some of the contestant "fall flat" and you are "rooting for them" and want "them all to succeed" but you have to watch them struggle and that's "hard at times" because he "truly loved every one of the contestants."

The famous hair colorist also said it was "exciting as a hair colorist" to watch the contestants work with color but it was also painful for him to watch "their process".

Bravo was very wise to bring Kim Vo back for the new season.  Not only does he ooze charm, he has a great sense of fun, adventure and plays well with others.  A great trait for a hairdresser to have.

The new season is on Wednesday, February 3rd.  Don't forget to tune in and root for your own favorites.

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