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The Brigade Sweeps Big Brother 12

As a rule the majority of the televised shows (scripted or reality) I watch are directly related to my work as a writer.  During the course of a series I sometimes fall in love with the lead actors (Nurse Jackie, The Closer) or the brilliant writing (Mad Men, Rubicon) or even the hair, make-up and costumes (Shear Genius).

Warning:  Big Brother Finale Spoilers - Don't Read Further Unless You Dare

Sometimes I just get hooked on a show for a variety of reasons.  Such is the case with CBS' reality show, Big Brother (BB).  As  the 2010 season drew to a close I was thrilled to see which of the secret Brigade alliance might win the big prize.

Although I was pulling for the hilarious Lane because he was from a Texas town near Dallas, I was also on board with Hayden or Enzo winning.

If you haven't been watching Big Brother 12 or could care less about a reality TV show with a ton of strangers locked up for the summer, you may not know about the secret alliance of four of the house males.  Ultimately three of the four Brigade members made it to the final three with Brigaders Hayden and Lane facing off in the final two.

Even more interesting, Brigade members Enzo and Matt voted for Hayden instead of Lane.  Enzo's vote was the tiebreaker giving Hayden the win.

Hayden Broke Big Brother Record For Frequency Of Head Of Household

In all fairness, Hayden was a much stronger competitor than Lane winning more Head of Household competitions than any other Big Brother house member in the history of the show.

Britney won $25,000 as Fan Favorite as well as $10,000 in a luxury competition, Lane took home $50,000 as the 1st runner up and Ragan won $20,000 as America's 2nd Saboteur after Annie was voted out in the very first week.

Although Big Brother 12 contained many elements of past Big Brother competitions including Have and Have Nots, nominations and similar contests, a big question looms.  Now that the Brigade managed to take out everyone in the BB House to coast toward the finals, will this be a ultimate game changer?

The Brigade Members Were In The Final Two

Obviously anyone who applies to be in the Big Brother house has some knowledge of past years.  I personally have watched all 12 seasons and know many of the different game strategies used in the past to win the $500,000 grand prize.

Never before has a secret alliance been formed on the second day of the show and literally carried the majority of the key members to the finals.

Will Secret Alliance Be The New Go-To Game Plan For Future Big Brother Seasons?

Will Big Brother have to create new challenges which will prevent the next house from following the same killer strategies?  Or will future Big Brother seasons build on the secret alliance with more sophisticated methods?  While the Brigade was a brilliant game plan, now that it's been completely revealed, can it actually be duplicated?  Obviously it wasn't completely bullet proof since Matt was kicked out for his sketchy behavior.

Rachel And Brendon

While I wasn't a big fan of Rachel, her hair color or extensions or her laugh, she was a strong competitor.  I think she was more disliked for her personality traits and annoying laugh than for her athletic skills.

Meanwhile, I was a huge fan of Brendon.  Even though a former finance and her family trashed him in an interview (definitely sour grapes) with BB's Julie, I think he was a man of character, compassion, fierce loyalty and integrity.  I actually think if he had steered clear of Rachel and a show mance, he might have gone much further in the game.

Sadly for Brendon his alliance was with Rachel and not the Brigade or he might have been sitting next to Hayden at the end.

Ultimately I was happy to see Hayden win.  He fought hard, played like a worthy competitors and maintained personal integrity in the process.  Congratulations to Hayden Moss.

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