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Bernadette Peters Natural Curls All Ablaze

Introduction - Bernadette Peters Natural Curls All Ablaze

Bernadette Peters - 2013 Tony® Awards - CBS - All Rights Reserved Bernadette Peters - 2013 Tony® Awards - CBS - All Rights Reserved

Actress and songbird Bernadette Peters is a timeless beauty.  At the 2013 Tony® Awards the perpetually young performer was stunning in a striking strapless emerald gown with her natural curls all ablaze.

Her natural curls were tastefully pulled up into a soft updo with an array of loose ringlets framing her gorgeous face.

I actually love Bernadette best when she wears her natural curls all ablaze and down around her shoulders with the ringlets framing her face.

Bernadette stays true to her natural curls which is always an exciting phenomena.  Many stars make an effort to suppress any hint of natural curls or hair texture as their careers develop.  Not true with the lovely Bernadette who in her mid-60s is still rocking all natural loose goddess ringlets.

Is her hair naturally red?  Who cares.  The hue of cinnamon she currently wears is youthful and is a perfect match for her flawless skin and eye tones.  I'm sure the award winning Broadway actress must has some wrinkles and lines somewhere.

They're very hard to see although her face and hair look all natural without a hint of bad plastic surgery to detract from Bernadette's natural beauty.

2012 Tony® Awards Hairstyle

Bernadette Peters - 2012 Tony® Awards Hairstyle Bernadette Peters - 2012 Tony® Awards Hairstyle

The Broadway favorite wore a killer strapless form fitting purple gown in 2012 when she accepted the Isabelle Stevenson Award at The 66th Annual Tony® Awards.  The show was broadcast live on CBS from the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

Ms. Peters graciously accepted her prestigious award and all eyes were on her stunning figure and glorious natural curls which were pulled up into a soft blowing twist, similar to the hairstyle she wore for the 2012 awards.

Smash Tony® Awards Hairstyle

How perfect was the role Bernadette played as Broadway Star Leigh Conroy on NBC TV's Smash series?

Not only did Bernadette has scenes on Smash where she was actually performing on Broadway, in the finale of the Smash, which was canceled at the end of its second season, Bernadette as Leigh is shown in the audience of the Tony® Awards with her daughter Ivy Lynn played by Megan Hilty.

The show featured Megan as Ivy Lynn, a version of Marilyn Monroe.  Bernadette as her famous Broadway star mom, Leigh, is brought into the cast of Bombshell to try and give it more cachet.  Ivy Lynn resented the addition of her mother to the show, but it was a great way to see the fabulous Ms. Peters flaunt her gorgeous natural curls.

How Does Bernadette Get Such Perfect Curls?

Bernadette has been showcasing those gorgeous natural curls forever.  It's most likely she works with a hair team that understands the best way to cut and shape her curls so that they fall in soft ringlets.

Bernadette Peters With Megan Hilty On Smash Bernadette Peters With Megan Hilty On Smash

She also probably utilizes some well-known techniques to keep her curls soft, frizz free and shiny.  Although her curls usually look picture perfect on the stage, it's possible her show stylists may repurpose her natural texture with the help of a curling iron.

Hard core naturally curlies often avoid utilizing a curling iron whenever possible because it may cause hair to become damaged, dry, crunchy of frizzy.  However, for the sake of her craft I wouldn't be surprised to hear Bernadette's naturally textured strands are touched up for special Red Carpet events or performances.

Summary - Bernadette Peters Natural Curls All Ablaze

I think Bernadette's curls are a part of what makes her beautiful.  I'm glad the lovely performer has resisted any pressure for her to migrate to stick-straight strands or a fringe. She would look completely different and require a lot more time to maintain.  Wearing her natural curls in all their glory is the easiest and most gentle way for her to showcase her tresses.

Lets all hope the wildly talented Bernadette Peters continues to wear her natural curls all ablaze in their amazing glory.

Note:  Bernadette Peters shown above as the recipient of the Isabelle Stevenson Award at THE 66TH ANNUAL TONY® AWARDS broadcast live from the Beacon Theatre in New York City. Photo: Heather Wines/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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