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Short Curly Bob Hairstyle Dos And Don'ts

I recently escaped for a long Thanksgiving weekend to gorgeous South Padre Island a few miles from where Texas and Mexico intersect.  S.P.I. as the locals call it, is a wonderful beach resort to visit in off season due to the generally mild winters and the lack of tourists and traffic jams.

(Barbra Streisand as Katie in the film "The Way We Were" - - All Rights Reserved)

I've been visiting S.P.I. almost yearly since the late 1980s when my now deceased husband Michael Thayer and I discovered it's relaxing charms.  It was our favorite place to go and hang out by the water's edge.

Barbra Streisand's Natural Curls In The Way We Were

The high rise condo where I stay during my S.P.I. visits is not equipped with high speed Internet.  In between sleeping until noon and afternoon naps, I curl up and watch endless movies.

One of the movies I watched was "The Way We Were" with Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford.  I was mesmerized by her short curly bob which has actually become more popular lately.

Barbra could pull off the natural curls cut into a chin length bob but of course she had famed hairdresser Jon Peters making her hair look spectacular.

And lets not forget that Babs actually ironed her hair with a clothes iron in the movie.  A very bad move for hair you want to keep but it was definitely popular during the era of the movie.

Curly Bob Hair Dos And Don'ts

Historically people with natural curls tend to shy away from short bobs because they worry that their tresses will billow out from the sides giving them the dreaded traingular Rosannadanna look.

Celebrity hairstylist Barbara Lhotan who is also a long time curly hair expert believes "naturally curly hair clients should be concerned about adopting a bob hairstyle especially if their curls are medium to tight" because "unless cut properly by someone who understands curly hair, natural curls and kinks will swell into a mushroom cap and just look like a bad haircut."

(Image of Jon Reneau Wig courtesy of Wig - All Rights Reserved)

Barbara explained that "the ideal hair for a short or medium length bob is someone with naturally straight or lightly waved strands."

Straight strands will "fall close to the head" while "natural waves can be amped up to look beautiful."  Natural curls and kinks, unless "cut really well by someone who knows how to cut curly hair" could be "a haircut disaster" in the making.

Curly Bob Cutting Suggestions

Barbara said if someone with natural tight textures has their heart set on adopting a curly bob they should consider the following suggestions:

1.  Find the best curly hair expert around and get a consultation before going for the chop.  Barbara noted that the majority of hairdressers don't know how to cut natural texture properly.  A good curl expert will discuss the pros and the cons of adopting a shorter haircut depending on the tightness and contour of the natural texture.

2.  If a short or medium curly bob style is adopted the curls should be carefully cut to nestle into each other so that the finished bob style consists of curls which are well-managed and lay close to the head.  This will eliminate the natural swelling of the curls.

3.  Someone with natural curls or kinks should never let a hairstylist cut their hair into the traditional short or medium bob which features a straight across line.  Barbara said "a straight cut bob could result in "a mushroom of curls" which would take a long time to grow out.

4.  Besides evaluating the curl structure and tightness, the face shape needs to be considered.  Barbara noted "someone with a round, square or wide face should definitely stick with a longer length which falls closer to the shoulders to add balance."

5.  Before a client with tight curls goes for the bob hairstyle they should try on a few short curly wigs to see how they like the look.  It might completely alter their original opinion.

Note: For one of the best locations on the web to buy wigs (see the wig from Revlon above) visit my dear friends at Wig  The Wig team really cares about their customers and helping them find the very best wig for their needs.

6.  Barbara underlined the fact that when a curl expert cuts curly hair, there can be a lot more options for different lengths and hairstyles, but realistically "not everyone looks great in short or bobbed hair."

While shorter hairstyles can definitely enhance your eyes, lips and cheek bones, depending on the skill of the hairstylist and the ultimate cut, the new attention placed on your features may be lost if the haircut turns out badly.

Barbara pointed out that when a short or medium curly bob is adopted its more important than ever to use the very best products to support the hair's natural texture and make sure curls or kinks lay as flat to the head as possible with well planned definition, separation and hold.

Barbara said is someone with natural texture wants to go with a short bob they should be willing to commit to spending the extra time to making it look top notch.  Barbara is a fan of the Leonor Greyl products for curly hair. Like Barbara I love the Leonor Greyl products for curling hair including the Algues et Fleurs Curl Enhancing Spray as a great styling product.

Note: For a consultation with Barbara Lhotan email her at [email protected].  While she is based in the New York area she does come to for consultations on a quarterly basis.

Don't forget to visit our great friends at Wig

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