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Diane Kruger Side Swept Braid

Introduction - Diane Kruger Side Swept Braid

Diane Kruger Loose Side Braid - 2011 Diane Kruger Loose Side Braid - 2011

Actress Diane Kruger is fond of wearing her gorgeous long blonde hair in an array of plaits including a popular side swept braid.

As recently as December of 2012 the lovely star created a buzz  on the Champs Elysées in Paris with a unique super-braided hairstyle which wrapped around her head, channeling a version of Princess Leia circa Star Wars.  Although the circular braid was unique, the media was torn in their reactions.

Over-The-Shoulder Side Swept Braid - September 2011

While I think Diane looks amazing in plaits, my personal favorite was her over-the-shoulder twisted rope braid from September of 2011.  Diane appeared at the opening dinner of the Venice Film Festival in an amazing eye-popping braided hairstyle.

The side-swept hairstyle looked soft yet sassy.  Although it was a more casual style than Diane might normally wear on The Red Carpet, it was perfect for a more relaxed event.

How To Create Diane's Side Swept Braid

Diane's Venice Film Festival braid was neither a classic fishtail nor French braid.  Instead, it was a two strand twisted rope braid with a base just below the ear lobe.  The braid is simple to create on long or extended hair which is mid-back or longer.

1.  Create a braid similar to Diane's on newly washed or second day hair. 

DianeBraid2009-23_250h Diane Krueger French Fishtail Braid From 2009

Note:  For more texture, first separate dry hair into individual 2" sections.  Create curls throughout the entire head using a small barre curling iron.  Allow newly created curls to cool.  Use fingers and styling cream and rake through strands to break up the texture.

2.  Be sure to apply a matte styling product on dry hair to give the hair extra  hold.  To achieve more volume or hold lightly back brush.  Smooth out with fingers.

3.  Brush all of the hair up and sweep it over the head directing it to one side.

4.  Brush the hair  over one shoulder, pulling hair into a loose pony with a base just below the ear.

5.  Secure the newly created ponytail with an inexpensive elastic.   Make sure the pony isn't pulled too tightly against the hair.  It needs to have a soft tousled look which looks deconstructed.

6.  Separate the newly created pony into two sections.  Gently twist each individual section in a clockwise manner.  Braid the two twisted rope strands together to form a loose braid.  Avoid pulling the braid too tightly in order to keep the braid balanced with the top section.

7.  Once you have finished twisting the entire length of the hair, secure the finished braid with a clear or blonde hued Blax, Bungee or similar elastic.

8.  If you prefer, after you have added the elastic,  twist a section of hair up and around the elastic and pin it into place for a more finished look.

Optional Braid Styling Tips

To create a looser top section, you may optionally use a scissors and gently cut the inexpensive elastic band holding the base of the pony positioned under the ear lobe.  Finish by misting the finished hairstyle with a light hold hairspray.

DianeAtVeniceFilmFestival2009-24_250h Diane Kruger With Side Braid At Venice Film Festival in 2009

If you prefer, you may also create this braided hair style in a more traditional manner with a three strand braid.  You may pre-twist the strands or leave them straight.  Experiment to find the look you prefer.

The Inglouious Basterds Chunky Side Braid Of 2009

One of Diane's other noteworthy braids was a chunky side swept braid pulled across the opposite shoulder for the Inglourious Basterds photo call at the Cannes Film Festival in May of 2009.

Her 2009 braid started as a traditional French braid, wrapped partially around her head and then cascaded down into a classic fishtail.

Although Diane is famous for doing her own hair and make-up, she has worked with a variety of celebrity hairstylists including Mark Townsend who has created some of the beautiful braided hairstyles Diane has showcased on the Red Carpet.

Summary - Diane Kruger Side Swept Braid

Actress Diane Kruger is famous for wearing a stellar array of braids on the Red Carpet and at other celebrity events over the past five years.  She was most recently spotted at the end of 2012 with an elaborate braided hairstyle which was reminiscent of Princess Leia.

One of most celebrated braids was and over-the-shoulder twisted rope braid from September of 2011.  The instructions to copy Diane's gorgeous side-swept braid is included above.

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