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Sex And The City Hair 10 Years Later

Sex And The City Hair 10 Years Later

SexAndTheCityPoster_250h Sex And The City - The Movie - LF - Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) Samantha Jones (Kim Catrell) - HBO - All Rights Reserved

The media was abuzz in January of 2014 with the passing of ten years since fans last glimpsed the beloved HBO girl's coven consisting of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

A huge fan of the show, I often wonder about Sex And The City Hair 10 years later.

Since I'm always hair obsessed, my mind wanders to thoughts of how their strands have aged along with the lovely ladies.

Two Sex And The City Movies

We've had two SATC movies and a now-cancelled prequel TV show (The Carrie Diaries on CW) to satisfy our cravings.

I wonder just how successful the writers would be at incorporating the drastic changes which have occurred since January of 2004 when the TV series ended?

Does it even seem possible it's been 10 years since the famous foursome linked arms for the last time?

From SATC To The Boardroom

Keeping the SATC cult alive, in 2009 SATC writer Candace Bushnel produced The Broadroom.

It was an online mini-series with six minute episodes examining how women’s lives have changed in the last 40 years.

The series, co-sponsored with Maybelline and More Magazine, was directed by Ellen Gittelsohn (Roseanne).

Sex And The City Women Then And Now

SATC2Wedding_250h Sex And The City 2 - LF - Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) Samantha Jones (Kim Catrell) - New Line Cinema - All Rights Reserved

"Sex and the City was a reflection of college-educated women who went to the city to have it all,” Bushnell explained.

“These girls in The Broadroom—in their 40s, (have) different issues. They’re working mothers with so much professional expertise and knowledge, and they’re comfortable in their positions.”

The Boardroom's Veteran Actresses

Veteran actresses from other mediums take to the computer for Bushnell’s series: Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills, 90210), Jennifer Esposito (Samantha Who?), Talia Balsam (Mad Men), and stage actress Mary McCann.

At the time the series was launching Bushnell told the media “We were so lucky to get those actresses."

While Jennie, Jennifer, Talia and Mary channeled contemporary SATC topics, they just weren't our girls.

The series went viral when it launched 6 years ago, then faded into history.

sarahjessicaparker-167_250h Image of Sarah Jessica Parker - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

The series extended hope for the possibility of another Sex And The City TV series or maybe even a web series with the Fab Four.

Ten Ways Sex And The City Hair Might Manifest 10 Years Later

Listed below are ten ways Sex And The City Hair 10 Years Later might manifest in my imagination:

1.  Always a trendsetting hair rebel, Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie would have rebelled against the current no-poo, embrace-your-texture movement.

She would have opted instead, for a sleek, sophisticated anti-frizz Keratin infused long-ish Ombré blonde bob.

Miley Cyrus With Platinum Blonde Crop Miley Cyrus With Platinum Blonde Crop - Image From Two and A Half Men - - All Rights Reserved

2.  Samantha Jones who in the past chose a cotton candy pink wig to cover her chemo induced shaved head, would be rocking a Miley Cyrus approved platinum blonde short undercut.

Her accent colors would change according to her moods, but expect to see lots of pinks and Unicorn dyed tips.

3.  The no-nonsense Miranda whose legal career might have even landed her in a judge's seat, would be enjoying the popularity of the short pixie hairstyle.

A beleaguered working mom, she might be rocking some gray accents with a much more subdued shade of red. Depending upon how busy her life is, Miranda might be all gray.

4. Charlotte has continued to enjoy her society life married to a successful attorney.

She makes bi-weekly trips to the hottest Manhatten blow dry bars including David Babaii's hot new Blo Blow Dry Bar.  Her hair is shoulder length, sleek with hints of glossy Ombré accents.

5. Carrie and Charlotte meet for twice-weekly yoga.  Carrie wraps her hair into a soft sassy asymmetrical chignon.

Charlotte sports a gorgeous mermaid tail braid styled neatly for her at her most recent blow out.  All of the girls have amazing hair which looks trendy and gorgeous.  Natch.

Beautiful Messy Side Braid Beautiful Messy Side Braid - Alexander Wang - All Rights Reserved

6.  Business executive Samantha meets Carrie and Charlotte uptown after yoga for sushi. The still sassy Sam rocks her chic short rocker undercut.

It's which is styled into a half-grunge, half-smooth bed head hairstyle.

7.  The girls and their men gather at Miranda and Steve's Brooklyn place over the weekend for Brady's 16th birthday celebration.

Christina Aguilera Pink Embellished Braid - Season Two Of The Voice Christina Aguilera Pink Embellished Braid - Season Two Of The Voice - Hair by David Babaii - - All Rights Reserved

Miranda's steel gray pixie looks elegant with her blown out hair gently teased at the crown and styled into a soft side-swept fringe.

Steve's hair is neatly coiffed into a short cut to minimize his thinning strands.

8.  Brady shows off his street hair cred by rocking a Kingston Stefani style purple tipped half Mohawk.

9.  Charlotte and Harry's daughter looks adorable.  She attends Brady's party coiffed in a beautiful Disney princess inspired in a circular crown/carousel braid.

Charlotte matches her daughter's plaited tresses with a soft three-strand side braid. Harry is fashionably hair free.

10.  Mr. Big has some patches of sexy Ben Affleck inspired gray.  He's still a big wig businessman.

The always chic Carrie wears her sleek LOB tucked behind one ear and embellished with a simple, but elegant, diamond studded hair clip.

Although Carrie has traded in her over-the-top hair accessories, she still knows how to show off a beautiful accent piece.

Diane Kruger Loose Side Braid Diane Kruger Loose Side Braid - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

Summary - Ten Ways Sex And The City Hair Might Manifest 10 Years Later

During a recent interview with Dish Nation, Jennifer Hudson indicated that there may be some behind-the-scenes buzz building about a possible third installment to the mega-successful SATC films.

SATC producer Michael Patrick King told Entertainment Weekly in February of this year that the SATC team had "one story left" in them.

There's a lot of crosstalk about whether another Sex And The City Movie will ever happen.  As SJP told one reporter, timing is everything and if too much time passes, the SATC movie window may be permanently close.

If a third movie happens, you can bet I'll be chomping at the bit to see how the various hairstylists coif the four girls based on their ten year evolutions.

How do you think Sex and the city hair might manifest 10 years later?

Blog Dedication - This blog is dedicated to Cheryl Crosby, my editor-in-chief at 101 Celebrity Hairstyles, for ten years.

Thank you for all those years of catching my bone-headed grammatical errors, fat fingered typos, punctuation free run-on sentences and excessive use of  "that", "and" and "but".

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