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Stop Thinning Hair DIY Recipe

Introduction - Stop Thinning Hair DIY Recipe

Long Straight Detanged Hair - Image From Depasqualte The Spa Long Straight Detanged Hair - Image From Depasqualte The Spa

In the late 1980s due to my adoption of a drastic fasting weight loss my normally thick full hair started falling out at an alarming rate.  In reality, due to the fasting program, I had inadvertently triggered Telogen Effluvium or TE.

Once I discovered the fasting was the cause of my hair shedding, I immediately stopped the extreme weight loss program.  I also instantly started to utilize a series of stop thinning hair DIY recipes which proven successful for me.

What Is Telogen Effluvium?

Telogen Effluvium is a scalp disorder characterized by the thinning or shedding of hair resulting from the early entry of hair into the telogen or resting phase of the hair follicle.  TE can be triggered by emotional or physiological stress, chronic illness, major surgery, childbirth, anemia, fevers, crash dieting, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia or similar) hypothyroidism, drug interactions.

TE can be a shocking hair loss condition to overcome since at times it appears to occur without a clear trigger.  Luckily, if the underlying cause of the TE is discovered and resolved, the hair will eventually grow back to it's normal thickness.  This is especially true if the roots are not permanently damaged during the Telogen Effluvium.

Stop Thinning Hair DIY Recipe - Basil Jojoba Oil Blend

Basil, or Sweet Basil, is a common name for the culinary herb Ocimum basilicum.  It is part of the family Lamiaceae (mints), sometimes referred toas Saint Joseph's Wort in some English-speaking countries.  Basil is originally native to India and other tropical regions of Asia, having been cultivated there for more than 5,000 years.

Basil Jojoba Oil Blend - How To

Basil Oil Basil Oil

1.  Mix 3-5 drops of organic 100% basil essential oil (not fragrance oil) with 5 tablespoons of jojoba oil

2.  Use a long tail comb to separate detangled dry or damp hair into 2"-4"  sections in a bicycle spoke pattern

3.  Pour a little of the oil mixture to the palms of your hands to gently warm

4.  Apply basil essential oil mixture to the scalp and roots of each section with the pads of your fingers. As you apply the mixture, use the pads of your fingers to gently massage into the area.  Be careful not to scratch the scalp with sharp fingernails which can leave little invisible tears on the scalp.

Note:  Be aware that Basil Oil may be very intense for some people.  It has a very pungent aroma and can cause the scalp to tingle.  If you have never tried this type of Basil oil mixture before you may wish to try the mixture on a small section of the roots and scalp before applying to the entire head.  Also, you may wish to decrease the number of drops of Basil you use in the total recipe.  Never use Basil without a carrier oil.  It can cause potential irritation or burning on the scalp.  Be sure to keep the oil mixture away from the eyes.

5.  Once you've applied oil to each section of hair, clip it out of the way and move onto the adjacent section until all of the roots of the hair and scalp have received the oil mixture.

6.  Cover the hair with plastic wrap, a warm towel or a plastic shower cap.  Allow mixture to remain on head for up to 60 minutes.

7.  Step into a lukewarm shower and apply your normal shampoo or cleansing formula.

Note:  If you normally have difficulty removing any hair oils from your hair, you may wish to apply a tiny bit of shampoo directly to the oiled hair BEFORE stepping into a shower.  The shampoo will cut the oil and make it easier to remove.

Basil Oil Basil Oil

8.  After cleansing, be sure to do the appropriate rinse-out conditioning treatments you might normally perform.  Finish with a full rinse and a final cool or cold water rinse.

9.  Towel blot (do not rub) and apply a hydrating leave-in conditioner before detangling.

10.  When possible allow hair to air dry.  Heat drying and styling can weaken hair further and encourage more shedding.

More About Telogen Effluvium & Thinning Hair Issues

It can take several weeks or months for Telogen Effluvium and its signature hair thinning to manifest.  As a result, it may take several weeks or months for your hair to recover once you stop the behavior or condition which has triggered the Telogen Effluvium.

In my case, once I stopped the drastic weight loss program and started doing the Basil Jojoba Oil Blend it took almost six months for my hair to regain its original thickness and overall health.

During this TE scare I worked with an award winning chemist to develop HairTopia hair vitamins to help with my hair shedding.  I started taking the hair vitamins at that time in conjunction with stopping the diet and doing Basil Jojoba Oil treatments twice a week.

HairTopia Hair Vitamins HairTopia Hair Vitamins

Summary - Stop Thinning Hair DIY Recipes

It's important to note that hair can take up to one year to completely recover from Telogen Effluvium or other thinning related conditions.  It's important to be patient and follow your hair recovery program on a very consistent basis.

Although I preferred to use Basil Oil made by Aura Cacia, there are many excellent brands available.  Just be sure to buy 100% essential oil and not fragrance or synthetic oils which will not work.

Also, the HairTopia vitamins were custom formulated for me by a chemist who helped me research the very best vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbals for building strong, healthy hair.  Not all hair vitamins are created equally.

Many claim to offer results, but unless they offer a well-balanced blend of all the necessary ingredients, they may not work as well as vitamins which include all the major ingredients.

Remember, it really is true, you do get the results you pay for.  If a hair vitamin is inexpensive, it's likely that the ingredients are not the best for fostering full hair health and recovery from conditions such as TE.

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