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Best Summer Hair Accessory

Along with a healthy summer glow, the best summer accessory is a thick, damage-free mane boasting volume and manageability. But not so for everyone, as 3 out of 4 people in the US experience thinning hair in the form of breakage or shedding.

If a thinner ponytail or clumps of hair in the shower drain are causes for concern, Nioxin, the #1 stylist choice for hair thinning, can help.

This July, Nioxin introduces its new look with reformulated Hair and Scalp Systems for fuller, thicker-looking hair in 30 days guaranteed! In fact, 70% of users noticed their hair looked more thick and dense after just two weeks.*

Don’t let limp, lackluster locks drag down summer style; full, thick tresses are just 30 days away!

How do Nioxin Hair and Scalp Systems work?

The three-part systems contain a cleanser to remove follicle blocking residue, a scalp therapy for hair resilience and moisture balance and a leave-in scalp treatment with antioxidants and botanicals for a refreshed scalp environment.

They utilize six technologies for fuller, thicker looking hair and offer UV and color protection to maintain the integrity of color-treated hair in the presence of summer’s scorching rays.

Available in six varieties, they cater to every hair type (i.e. normal to thin looking, noticeably thinning, chemically-treated, natural, fine, coarse, etc.). For a custom consultation, take the quiz on!

Celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, whose clientele includes A-list actresses Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendricks and Leighton Meester, is an advocate of Nioxin. “You need to break the habit of covering problem areas with quick fixes like eye shadows, hair powders and hair pieces, and instead go to the source of the problem,” Atkin says.

“Some products can certainly amp up your volume, but if you experience thinning or breakage then I recommend Nioxin as its products are formulated and designed to treat those needs from the source.”

Nioxin Hair and Scalp Systems ($44) are available in salons nationwide.

*Independent market research conducted among consumers concerned about thinning hair.

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