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Ashley Madekwe Hair How To

Introduction - Ashley Madekwe Hair How To

Ashley Davenport With Long Lush Waves Ashley Davenport With Long Lush Waves

Ashley Madekwe plays vixen Ashley Davenport on ABC's hit series Revenge.

The gorgeous Ms. Davenport first appeared in Season One as the assistant and chief party planner for Victoria Grayson, The Hampton's reigning queen of the social register.

Not only does the party planner rub shoulders with the rich and famous, she has to dress the part.

As a result of her position working for The Graysons, she rocks a spectacular $50,000+ wardrobe of eye popping, mouth watering designer fashions and accessories.

Ashley Madekwe Hair - Long, Lush, Chocolate Brown

Her long lush chocolate brown hair is always perfectly styled to showcase her stunning wardrobe and position as a working member of the Grayson family.

It's obvious the gorgeous Ashley has designs on becoming part of the family rather than working for them.

When Victoria Grayson's son Daniel ended his engagement to Emily Thorne, Ashley was waiting in the wings ready to become his current love.

Ashley Madekwe Hair How To

Ashley Davenport With Long Lush Waves Worn To One Side Ashley Davenport With Long Lush Waves Worn To One Side

Now that Ashley is Daniel Grayson's ladylove in Season 2, her fashions and hairstyles have transitioned to new heights.  Her long hair is often styled down in an array of loose waves, soft curls or braids.   For more formal events she wears her shimmering strands up in beautiful chignons, knots and buns.

Revenge on-set hairstylist Roma Goddard is the hair genius behind Ashley's ravishing hairstyles which work best on hair which is shoulder length or longer with medium thickness and texture.

The styles can be created on hair which is naturally textured if hair is temporarily straightened during the blow drying stage.  It can also be created on short or medium length hair which has been extended with fusion or clip-in hair.

Step By Step Instructions - Ashley Madekwe Hair

Listed below are the step by step instructions on how to re-create Ashley's long lush undulating voluminous waves.

1.  Cleanse detangled hair in lukewarm water with a formula designed for your hair type, texture and current condition.  If hair is dry, chemically treated, or damaged, you may wish to utilized a hydrating formula or a Diluted Shampoo (DS), No-Poo or Conditioner Only Wash (Co-Wash) option.

Ashley Davenport With Long Lush Waves Ashley Davenport With Long Lush Waves

2.  Rinse well to remove shampoo.  Apply a rinse-out conditioner to strands from the ears down to the ends.  Concentrate conditioner on areas of the hair which need it most.

3.  Slowly detangle conditioned strands from the ends to the roots using a wide tooth comb or fingers.  Work carefully in small sections.

4.  Rinse well and finish with a cool/cold water rinse.

5.  Towel blot strands to remove excess moisture.

6.  Apply desired styling cocktail which may include, but not be limited to, a leave-in conditioner, defrisant, volumizing styling mousse and/or a root lift product.  You may also wish to use a heat protectant product as well.

7.  Create desired part before blow drying individual sections of the hair with a round boar bristle brush to create loose waves and volume.

8.  After hair is completely dry, separate into individual sections.  Spray each section with a thermal styling spray and roll around a 1 1/2" or 2" curling iron directing away from your face.

Ashley Madekwe With Revenge Co-stars Ashley Madekwe With Revenge Co-stars

Hold for a few seconds and unwind.  Re-wind the newly curled section around fingers.  Pin the open curler with bobby pins against the scalp.

9.  Allow curls to completely cool and set.  Unpin each section.

10.  Run fingers gently throughout hair to gently tousle and encourage maximum volume along with shine.

Optionally you may wish to finish with a misting of hairspray.  Amp up the look with a crystal or jewel encrusted bobby, barrette, hair clip or band.

Summary - Ashley Madekwe Hair How To

The lovely Ashley Madekwe has spectacular long chocolate brown hair which is styled to look rich and polished through a series of lush hairstyles for her role as Ashley Davenport on ABC's hit series Revenge.

Expect to see the actress continue to rock gorgeous long waves, curls and styles.

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