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Muslim Hairstyles On Turkish Catwalks

Turkish Fashion

Muslim Hairstyles On Turkish Catwalks

Two years ago, in the Spring of 2010, CNN covered an Islamic women's fashion show in Istanbul, Turkey.  CNN revealed some interesting new trends developing on the catwalks.  Although the fashion shows highlight traditional Islamic clothing, the models are rarely Muslim.

The young women showcasing Muslim headscarves, carefully wrapped up coats, dresses, bathing suits and gowns are tall, leggy professionals from Europe, Latin and bordering countries.

Although the models are used to walking the runways in body baring outfits and an array of couture worthy hairstyles, for the Turkish show the primary goal for the body, and the hair, is to completely cover it.

Whereas fashion shows in Italy, Paris and New York are buzzing with famous fashion hair stylists and their legions of assistants, in the Muslim world hair is rarely shown outside the privacy of the home.

Although hair driers are used to prepare the model for the runway, it's mainly to secure hair into tight ponytails, buns or other hairstyles which hug the head.   Since they have to wear two-piece bonnets on their head, their hair needs to fit snugly underneath.

Muslim Fashions For 2012

Muslim fashions typically only show the face and the hands.  The neck and ears are completely covered.  So is the hair.

Although hair is a no-show on the Turkish catwalks,  Muslim fashions are in big demand.  An exporter was quoted as saying the fashions are exported to 35 different countries with more to eventually follow.

Introduction Of Bright Colors

One positive trend in the Muslim fashion world is the introduction of brightly hued costumes along with a pastel hued swimsuit collection.

While the swimsuit still completely covers the Muslim body, the Hasema, as they are called, are manufactured to allow women to swim and exercise at the beach or pool while still following customs.   In the past Islamic burqa style fashions for women were traditionally gray or black.  Now they are brightly hued and very fashion forward.

Over the past few years Muslim women are following fashion trends, at least within the realm of color.  Which explains the introduction of rich hues such as pink, yellow and blue.  Sequins, rhinestones and Swarovski crystals are also making their way to the evolving fashion lines.

Fedora Topped Muslim Scarf

Muslim women are also demanding multiple options.  Dress designs which used to be limited to a handful now cover hundreds.

Will Hair Eventually Make An Appearance?

One question is whether or not the hood tops will start to become more fashionable and decorative along with the dresses.  Another question is whether hair will start to make an appearance as well under the hoods?

The answer to both questions is yes.  Muslim fashions for 2012 continue to leap forward in terms of styling and color.  Not only are the hood tops continuing to become more colorful and elegant, hints of hair may even peek out along the hairline.

The challenge is to maintain the traditional customs to keep hair and head covered.

For 2012 Muslim fashions have come along way incorporating leather, denim and even Fedoras which top the traditional scarves and hood tops.  Muslim fashion is big business and becoming bigger with each passing season.

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